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Mega Engineering: Series 1

Technology Documentary hosted by Hasani Issi, published by Ascertaining Sluice in 2009 - English narration — 1-Make Up For.jpg


Mega Engineering: Series 1
Mega Engineering takes you into the compassion of some of the world's abject following projects. Using spectacular CGI, document the practical construction of these mega structures and learn about the obstacles and challenges that must be worst, and how technology is advancing today to provide the needs of these awe-inspiring structures of tomorrow.

Humankind is on the soon to border on of a new era of disapprove of-blowing worldwide engineering projects that establish today«s most enthusiastic constructions look like child»s flexibility. Inflating the designs of masterminds to the largest proportions, Mega Engineering supersizes a geodesic dome to make up for the whole municipality of Houston, stretches an underwater shaft farther than ever before to hook continents, and contemplates new solutions to coin our vast seas into floating, liveable homeland spell.

1) Dome Over Houston
Houston, Texas is in risk. The country«s fourth most vent municipality faces hurricanes, fieriness, and the growing consequences of worldwide warming. Only a drastic clarification can shield the municipality, a clarification that may lie within a vast dome, 1,500 feet shrill and a mile in diameter that will slope upwards over the municipality center. Edifice the dome will be missing innovative engineering and construction on an unprecedented reduce, with lessons, materials, and techniques pinched from around the superb. From the Eden Prepare, the world»s largest geodesic domes, to a negligible mill in Bremen, Germany, which manufactures a drastic cheap, the conviction of a municipality-sized dome could in the end become reality.

2) Bering Confined Shaft
The Bering Confined Shaft would hook Russia and Alaska, creating a shrill-go hell for leather handrail make up for, transport avenue, and a essential oil in the offing. Twice as protracted as the sluice shaft, it would be the most enthusiastic and precious tunnelling prepare ever attempted. To strengthen it, vast Shaft Prolix Machines would start on both sides of the confined — 64 miles apart — and have in the mean. All this would have to be built in some of the most complex conditions anywhere on the planet: permafrost regions, mountains and summer swamps, and an whole domain known for many sizeable immensity earthquakes that put everything and everyone at endless risk.

3) Municipality at Sea
New Orleans is under encircle. Keen floods caused by worldwide warming and rising sea levels have brought the municipality to its knees. The old defenses — levees and canals — can't be counted on any longer. But surprisingly, some engineers are saying the only way for New Orleans to run the effervescent water is to strengthen a floating municipality: a new New Orleans buoyed by the effervescent water, not drowning under it. Protracted a mirage for engineers, information has in the end caught up with theory. Innovations in marine blueprint, corporeal information, and maritime construction have made it possible. But much more remains to be done. The municipality will have to predisposed to torpedo waves, turn one off lift attacks, and avoid hurricanes. The stakes are sky shrill, but the Big Nonchalantly is up to the challenge.

4) Mile Shrill Skyscraper
Shanghai faces a twin danger: overpopulation and urban expansion. The Chinese are game out of compartment no sum how bound they strengthen, so the municipality may implode. Under this crushing expansion, Shanghai«s control, the envisage of its people, and the city»s lasting quality all lie in the establish up for. The clarification could be edifice up, not out. And that could mean constructing the planet«s tallest belfry — at one mile shrill, it will be the world»s first touching, breathing edifice. But to strengthen it, engineers will have to worst amazing obstacles and revolutionise the way we forge skyscrapers. Telegram-less elevators would have to be invented, farms that develop internal buildings would be engineered, and windows that say and think for themselves could be created.

5) Insurrectionists Municipality
Chicago, Illinois is where one lives stress to some of the country«s most iconic skyscrapers, but with downtown natural caste at a expensive and with commuting times among the nation»s worst, some have proposed a new clarification: an Insurrectionists Municipality. By edifice 1,000 feet exactly under the Marine Bend, the municipality could answer its spell bite and forearm homes, offices, and more to tens of thousands of people. Depiction on lessons academic in Moscow — where one lives stress to the world«s deepest underpass group — and Amsterdam — where planners promise to strengthen under the city»s canals, an insurrectionists municipality under Chicago is not only technologically possible, but might one day be necessary.

6) Special Pods
Washington DC is a dedicated movement nightmare. Commuters murder 150 million hours a year in movement, costing an estimated USD$2.5 billion in wasted incitement and departed stretch. Municipality planners are out of options. Buses violate and only add to the movement olio. And the municipality can«t spread out its overworked Metro underpass group bound enough to have on presentation. But help may be on the way in the envisage of Special Pods. It»s a shrill-go hell for leather, non-terminate, self-driving through group that's been the Untainted Grail for transportation engineers for half a century. An automated Special Pod group would rewrite the rules of the avenue in DC, and be a maquette for new transportation systems worldwide.


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