Joe Cocker Fare Across from Midnight Voyage (2004)

Audio Dolby Digital 5.1
Video Pal 4:3

Filmed in Berlin in 1997, this sizeable-looking setting finds the aging bluesman mixing his immortal covers with more current constituents, all for an appreciative audience in a startlingly showy venue. Warming up with «Could You Be Loved» and «Feeling Alright,» Cocker soon finds his state and launches into the Scotch whiskey essence of «Have a Little Promise,» the offbeat comedy of «You Can Discontinue Your Hat On,» and the certainty-flushed affliction of «When the Dusk Comes.» A take on Van Morrison«s «Into the Mystic» is welcome, while «Don»t Let Me Be Misunderstood« mines the old Animals chestnut for further blues confirmation. The crumpled valentine of »You Are So Beautiful» is touchingly social and dedicated, on this advantage, to the fresh Princess Diana. In all, Cocker is in very sizeable, skilled way here, a tempered pressure of class, perhaps, but an denotative stylist of matured proof of guilt. --Tom Keogh

Joe Cocker«s Across From Midnight captures his 1997 portrayal at Waldbuhne, Berlin. His 17-air, 86-summary portrayal includes hits like «Feelin» Alright,« »Up Where We Associated,« »You Are So Charming,« and »You Can Discontinue Your Hat On.« Inspired protect choices such as »The Accurately,« »Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood,« and »Into the Mystic» wrangle out an comic set list.

Run Down Listing:
1. Could You Be Loved
2. Feelin' Alright
3. Have a Little Promise In Me
4. Up Where We Belong
5. You Can Discontinue Your Hat On
6. When the Dusk Comes
7. N'Oubliez Jamais
8. Summer in the City
9. You Are So Beautiful
10. Into the Mystic
11. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
12. Delta Lady
13. The Letter
14. Unchain My Heart
15. With a Little Help From My Friends
16. Across From Midnight
17. Cry Me a River

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