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The Wonder of Britain: Series 1

Experiences, Pilgrimages Documentary hosted by Julia Bradbury, published by ITV in 2015 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


The Wonder of Britain: Series 1
Julia Bradbury embarks on a 12,000-mile wend one«s way choosing assets she believes the catholic should be proud of. From Britain»s industrial and kinglike estate to rolling countryside, impressive coastline and eclectic architecture, she tours some of the nation's most spectacular and fascinating locations.

Few people do this feather of trend better than Julia Bradbury.

1) Handsome Buildings
In the first protocol, Julia explores phenomenal buildings, from Palace Howard to the Eden Activity, Caernarfon Palace to London«s `Cheesegrater», significant the experiences of those who created them.

2) Industrial Experiences
Julia Bradbury explores the wonder of the Industrial Mutiny, visiting the Pontcysyllte aqueduct, which carries the Llangollen canal over the valley of the River Dee near Wrexham. Completed in 1805, it is the longest and highest aqueduct in Britain and is now categorised as a Degree I listed construction. She also boards Brunel's former commuter steamship the SS Eminent Britain and appreciates the gothic majesty of Manchester Village Corridor and the iconic fun of Blackpool Turret.

3) Coastal Experiences
In a continuation of the series that started in January, Julia explores some of her girl wonders along Britain«s miscellaneous coastline, which stretches for more than 19,000 miles. She lands on the Isle of Barra»s seaside airport and helps include the puffins of the Farne Islands. She also watches nightclub-bombing sea birds, bargains for freshly caught fish in Cornwall and investigates Dover Castle's central r in defending the gateway to Britain.

4) Kinglike Experiences
Julia Bradbury continues her globe-trot of Britain with a look at the nation, which stretches go more than 1,000 years and helps move the country«s citizen accord. She begins at the ruins at Tintagel; the theorized well-versed in of Royal Arthur, explores the Turret of London — Britain»s oldest kinglike construction — and explores Kenilworth Palace, where she hears how Empress Elizabeth I chose impost over pleasure. She also goes behind the scenes at the Household Cavalry as preparations are made to promenade in fa of the Empress.

5) Countryside Experiences
Julia embarks on the fixed the boards of her 12,000-mile wend one«s way around Britain, winning in just a few highlights of the nation»s distinct countryside. She explores the impressive volcanic ago of the Isle of Skye, the extreme cliffs of Cheddar Swallow and a lavender cultivate in Kent. She also looks at one of Britain«s most superb birds of trick, the barn owl, and revisits one of her girl puberty places, Derbyshire»s Elevation Partition, in the assemblage of her framer, who helped inject her to the eminent outdoors.


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