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Mummies Around the World

Depiction Documentary hosted by Benjamin Bratt and John Shrapnel, published by Disclosure Trough in 2003 - English narration Fraternity At Large-Cover.jpg


Mortality and end have always fascinated humankind. Civilizations from all over the the fraternity at large have practiced mummification as a means of preserving moving spirit after end--a custom which captures the creativity of scientists, artists, and followers identically.

For nearly everyone the words «pyramids» and «mummies» raise images of bygone Egypt. Yet those intriguing cultural artifacts are by no means peerless to the Acreage of the Pharoahs. As this hoard vividly demonstrates, they are build around the the fraternity at large, including the Americas. Indeed, the oldest mummies in the the fraternity at large, and some of the most cosmopolitan anywhere, come not from the Nile Valley but from the Atacama Lonely in Chile. Mummies have always been with us, and today we set upon to them with ever more advanced and educated methods and wisdom their shrewd secrets.

2) Lonely Mummies of Peru
A conspire of archaeogists led by Dr. Sonia Guillen excavates the first unlooted entombment place ever build relation to the Chiribaya, a Peruvian people who thrived from 950-1350AD, just before the be generated of the Inca. The conspire hopes to find up to three tombs a day and a come to of 60-70 over the course of digging opportunity ripe. The mummies of the Chiribaya are every bit a spectacular as the ones Johann Reinhardt regularly uncover from the grand Andes, and they have never before been filmed for boob tube. The excavators upon to discover gold jewelry and artifacts, okay textiles with patterns personage of Picasso, and the mummies of dogs and llamas. The Chiribaya bred a thoughtful of llama that produced wool of finer rank than any build in South America today. In withal, scientists will try to arbitrate why this cultivate of llama no longer exists.


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