Mummies Around the Earth 4of4 Resort of the White-Haired Mummies x264 [MVGroup]

Mummies Around the World

Retelling Documentary hosted by Benjamin Bratt and John Shrapnel, published by Conception Path in 2003 - English narration


Mortality and extermination have always fascinated humankind. Civilizations from all over the terrific have practiced mummification as a means of preserving memoirs after extermination--a protocol which captures the creative powers of scientists, artists, and community uniformly.

For nearly everyone the words «pyramids» and «mummies» arouse images of old Egypt. Yet those intriguing cultural artifacts are by no means unsurpassed to the Native Land of the Pharoahs. As this whip-round vividly demonstrates, they are originate around the terrific, including the Americas. Indeed, the oldest mummies in the terrific, and some of the most worldly-wise anywhere, come not from the Nile Valley but from the Atacama Barren in Chile. Mummies have always been with us, and today we disposition to them with ever more advanced and clarified methods and knowledge their designing secrets.

4) Refuge of the Palmy Mummies
A spectacular conception in 1999 unearthed one hundred and five sumptuously decorated mummies at the Bahariya Refuge in Western Egypt. Dr. Zahi Hawass and body of Egyptian archaeologists excavated four splendidly gilded tombs, which contained an astonishing whip-round of Roman mummies. These inspiring finds are re-article the retelling of Egypt, centuries after Alexander the Terrific was Pharaoh, Romans and Egyptians were still embroiled in a struggle for power. This year Conception Path follows Dr. Hawass as he returns to bring to light the tombs he believes have been untouched since antiquity. Were degrade Roman entrepreneurs hijacking the faithful warm-up of Egyptian mummification? Now it is period to stick into the greatest crypt of the Bahariya Refuge and uncover the secrets of the Palmy Mummies.


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