Covert Secrets - Take A Part In 74 - The Illuminati & The Dajjal - The Blackness Emancipator ( Anti-Christ)


DAJJAL...of islam = Jesus Christ impostor/pretender/mixed with the mahdi (pestilential, cunning, impetuous, dire) portrayal, son of Adam, but is made just for a check, just like a cat«s-paw of Allah or Iblis or BOTH! and who is on Kuffar»s, or simple-minded believers side.

The ILLUMINATI...(plural of Latin illuminatus, «enlightened») is a name given to several groups, both earnest and twiddle. Historically, the name usually refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era furtively order founded on May 1, 1776.

The coming Wonderful Empire requires the putting an end to of all mistress nations and the wonderful carved up into military zones of domination whose boundaries have no respecting to antique established borders or to ethnic homelands. The coming Wonderful Suppression requires add up to domination over people's thoughts and movements from the cradle to the earnest and to do this the Mystical Hierarchy behind the Wonderful Rebellion will use all the mystical mystical learning they embody and every technological conception available to dominate mankind. The coming Wonderful Empire will be of such a mystical and monstrous disposition its effects will dominate every other suppression and one inhumanity in adventures in its persistence, prorate increase and concentration. Those who do not recognise that there is a plot to beget a One Wonderful Direction by destroying the sovereignties of all nations are either crudely intelligent fools or well intelligent liars who fancy to camouflage their learning and complicity in this unholy association of like-minded people. There is a tract, a tract if you will, for Wonderful Empire and it is as old as Methuselah. Today, the people behind this tract for a «New Wonderful Order» are heiress to an antique agenda whose monstrous sway in the authentic alter can be away seen by those with eyes to see.

These new-fashioned overlords of the New Wonderful Harmony are referred to by such names as Globalists, Internationalists, Ecumenical Bankers, the Fiscal Broad Elite, the Covered Spondulicks Power, etc. and much of their mystical works are carried out in skilful mysteriously because they do not wish to on one«s toes the sleeping masses to this m –the «Great M of the Ages»- and so on one»s toes them to the skilful jeopardy likely to be they are in. But, easy reader, behind these men of skilful power and wires lays a much greater power. This power resides in the mystical network of furtively societies whose leaders are the Mystical Hierarchy. And reader, allow, that this mystical power is an antique power and the Mystical Hierarchy are its one representatives on Dirt who are the Baneful Adepts from the Cult of Pestilential. These new-fashioned conspirators are immensely important because they are heiress to many centuries of conspiratorial m that has expert this period of get the better of conspirators their single arrange in the authentic alter. That is, as the Lords of Power whose power and wires transcends jingoistic boundaries and the constraints of dear destinies and lifetimes. Their mystical power is passed onto others by train –i.e. a train of intergenerational Satanists spanning the ages — and so this power transcends the constraints of just the same from time to time. And by doing, inexorably amplifies itself and thus gaining more and more domination over the earthly affairs of the wonderful.

Hitherto, these Lords of Power worked very secretly. Their mystical m, this Antique Pestilential Agenda, sometimes referred to by insiders as the «Great M,» was a Closed Tract known only to the initiated and enforced by monstrous blood oaths to mysteriously that were enforced mercilessly if flouted. For, they knew that if too many people awoke and practised the correctness about what has been chance they would be moved to do something about it. Moreover, they also given the jeopardy likely to be of a huge sum up of these awakened souls conclusion out who their foe really is, and how this foe does its m and for what end, and that these people may turn out up and bring to an end those who are behind this diabolical tract. So the Pestilential Agenda for Wonderful Empire was a skilful furtively among the mystical underworld known only to the privileged few. However, in brand-new times the Mystical Hierarchy decreed that the just the same from time to time was ready for their «Great Work» to be revealed for those with eyes too see, for, know they believe that there preparations are so entire that nothing can an end them and so they now toot one's own horn of their works. And so the Closed Tract for Wonderful Empire under the backwards of the furtively societies is now an Frank Tract.

The Frank Tract for Wonderful Empire has now many followers working assiduously in all spheres of one order. Their collective efforts have been described by many names, such as the «Aquarian Conspiracy», but it is in great measure a consequence of the Humanist Agenda to rub the wonderful to a blasphemous position. Thus, in a mundane discernment these foot soldiers of the Pestilential Agenda are the so-called «liberals» and «progressives» who m to occasion epigram and holy bedlam into the lives of individuals and in the affairs of nations by working to bring to an end Actual Epigram Harmony on Dirt. They are thus the humanists, socialists, communists, atheists, feminists, homosexuals, hedonists, bureaucrats, environmental extremists, blasphemers, Satanists and pagans: who m one by one to exhaust their dear weaknesses and warm-up distinctive of enmities and hatreds but whose collective efforts integrate in a panicky aggression on Actual Epigram Harmony on Dirt. And, by doing so, they set their faces against God because Actual Epigram Harmony is His Will in His Creation.

However, behind these «liberals» and «progressives,» these screwy, thoughtless people, are those who allow the genuine disposition of what they do and for what final intentionally. These are the initiates of the New Wonderful Harmony who are the movers and shakers, the wealthiest and the most strong people in the wonderful who endure on the pinnacles of legendary wherewithal and warm-up earnest power as transformation agents of the New Wonderful Harmony. Moreover, the most noble of these important men perceptible to the wonderful are the ecumenical usurers, and specifically Jewish Ecumenical Bankers. That is why the baneful comportment of the Jew moneychanger and usurer in the mystical adventures of banking is so noteworthy. But behind these, wielding huge power from the shadows, are the genuine Lords of Power … the Mystical Hierarchy, which domination the furtively societies, and who are the Baneful Adepts from the Cult of Pestilential.

For many centuries a immature but immensely important band –the Cult of Pestilential- has been working towards the day when they will be able to power the mistress nations of the wonderful to submit to a One Wonderful Direction under their send domination. They have fancy-planned for the day when they will come out of the shadows and affirm themselves masters of the wonderful and all things in it. A obligatory for this Wonderful Empire is a wonderful bank and a wonderful currency and so skilful efforts have been made to compel the nations of the wonderful to allow a one wonderful fiscal organized whole, which this Band of Pestilential will domination. That is why domination of gold, spondulicks, banking and have faith are elementary to this agenda to beget conditions necessary for the inauguration of the New Wonderful Harmony. Those in domination of the New Wonderful Harmony, the Lords of Power, have been orchestrating this nasty and pestilential plot for centuries and they have shrewdly given that domination of the fiscal systems of all nations is the key to implementing an iron-fist domination over the nations of the wonderful. The other pre-eminent system of domination is the concern of a Wonderful Army and Wonderful Power whose power will be almost incessant in their criticize of controlling all people, everywhere, fully from the cradle to the earnest. And momentous to this is a cashless order and a micro-chipped population.

This is why the wonderful has been redrawn according to the imperatives of this antique imagine of the Furtively Societies for a Wonderful Empire under their backwards. A Wonderful Empire with a Wonderful Direction and Wonderful Creed in which everyone, everywhere is identified, tracked and traced in an twinkling of an eye in a add up to scrutiny grid spanning the orb. That is, everyone everywhere is controlled fully from the cradle to the earnest. That is why the architects of the New Wonderful Harmony has demarcated the wonderful into military regions and a portrayal of this posited broad suppression knowingly leaked into the supporters arena. Such is the way of things today since the hitherto very furtively, very mystical tract for Wonderful Empire has now become an Frank Tract.

One adventures is replete with numerous empires and kingdoms, emperors and kings, presidents and republics that have all wax and waned. Every one of them have endured but for a short-lived just the same from time to time. Every dear avidity, every thoughtless fancy and Will-to-Power has pooped itself with the demise of the special. Slight examination of adventures concludes that this disorganized alter, this journeying by journeying extension and allegedly imperious putting an end to of the «old» and its replacement with the «new» with no patent motif of advance, is the only motif in adventures. That is, the putting an end to of old things without putting better ones in their position. In short-lived: no rising of a Order of Man or incessant dovish and opulence emerging from it all. However, the right critic of adventures will contest with this slight examination and recognise that adventures is not casual. That nothing happens in adventures by mishap and that everything occurs by conception.

Furthermore, that one adventures is linear, growing and illustrates the unfolding conception of Higher Obscured Hands towards preordained Ends. By idea this, the right critic of adventures also understands that under the pencil-thin gloss of established adventures lays the obscured slide of unjaundiced adventures in which these designs can be seen. And one of these designs, like a ease competition through the unorganized alter, is the antique avidity of furtively societies for Wonderful Rebellion pre-eminent to imperious Wonderful Direction. This is the Wonderful Empire under the backwards of the Lords of Power, the Baneful Adepts from the Cult of Pestilential, the Mystical Hierarchy who are leaders of the furtively societies. And this, easy reader, the concern of Wonderful Direction by Wonderful Rebellion, is the very antique avidity of Furtively Societies whose mystical consequences can be seen by those with eyes to see. In short-lived: this antique avidity has been answerable for most of the torment and disrepute endured by humans throughout adventures, but especially in the last three hundred years.

This ease, this devilish avidity for Wonderful Empire, is woven into the organization of one adventures and all right students of adventures who have examined this issue soon decide that their researches take them in dire straits into very antique times. Furthermore, any right examination of the location leads the researcher to conclude that the plot for Wonderful Rebellion and the concern of the New Wonderful Harmony did not proceed from, as by demonic start, from the consider of one man. Nor is it the young of collective one minds. The final informant and insight for the concern of the New Wonderful Harmony is a non-one advice of huge power. It is demonic and comes from the two principalities of Pestilential –Luciferic and Ahrimanic (Dire) — that search for to remove God's usually on Dirt. It is from this mystical, mystical informant that the plot for Wonderful Empire and Wonderful Suppression comes and its sway upon adventures is effected by humans who, witting or unwitting, secure b abscond with out the designs of this plot by donation themselves as agencies, or vehicles, by which the Will of Pestilential is made substantiate on Dirt. The daedalean, infinitely complex agenda for Wonderful Empire operating throughout just the same from time to time and in all aspects of the one shape is not the consequence of one minds but is the young of Pestilential acting through one agents. Moreover, what is now unfolding on Dirt today has a fancy adventures of organisation and tract above-stated it. This is the adventures of the Furtively Societies and until brand-new times this was a Closed Tract enforced by blood oaths, bete noire of give tit for tat and put away. However, a item was reached where this Closed Tract became perceptible to all and this occurred in our brand-new wonderful, in Germany in the 18th Century.

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