NIKOLA TESLA - The Capability Who Lit the Humankind - DRAW

This prototype uncut sound out featuring Graham Hancock, was filmed for the Network Video Receiver Significant «The Furtive Origins of Man.» Most of this sound out was not included in the terminating Video Receiver Network Publish and is being shown here now in it's wholeness for the first dated. Graham Hancock is the famed litt of the groundbreaking libretto «The Fingerprints of the Gods.» This sound out includes staggering conclusions about the vanished capacious cultivation of Atlantis, a technologically advanced cultivation that was able to circumnavigate the Terra and map the stars.

This program reveals the discoveries of a forgotten ability, many of which went to all intents overlooked for nearly a century. Nikola Tesla is considered the paterfamilias of our new technological age and one of the most furtive and unsettled scientists in telling. How did this dim unpractical from what is now Croatia, lay the substructure for new communications and forcefulness research?

Nikola Tesla«s contributions to examination and technology group the fantasy of present, video receiver, present-astronomy, slight curb and robotics, radar, medical x-ray and the wireless shipment of forcefulness. Many of Nikola Tesla»s inventions were and in some cases still are considered too rebel by regime agencies and the power brokers of the dated and are discussed in cite chapter in this program.

Encyclopedia Britannica lists Nikola Tesla as one of the top ten most fascinating people in telling. So why is he to all intents unrevealed to the extended public? This program is a mordant examination of the existence and be in touch with oneself decide of a painstaking superman who, against all odds, dedicated his existence to the reproach of tricky and improving technology for the marines and advancement of kindliness.

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