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Richard Hammonds Jungle For: Series 1

Sort, Expeditions Documentary hosted by Richard Hammond, published by BSkyB in 2015 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


Richard Hammond's Jungle For: Series 1
Since he was eight years old, Richard Hammond«s vision has been to be a wildlife photographer in the Amazon rainforest. But duration got in the way and, for more than 35 years, he»s been not able to implement his enthusiasm. Until now... thanks to two particular one-hour films he presents in backup of Sky Rainforest Release, Sky's partnership with WWF, which has helped retain one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest.

Filmed in the Brazilian rainforest, it charts Hammond«s wander along the powerful Amazon River and poignant into the jungle as he attempts to photograph the creatures that captivated him all those years ago. Along the way, he»s treated to lone wildlife encounters as he enters the river with pink river dolphins and rescues an entangled phlegm. It's not all graphic sailing, though, as he battles waken, humidity and streaming cloudburst. He also confronts exclusive phobias when he comes appearance-to-appearance with mammoth spiders, feels the wrath of bullet ants and must annex his quail of heights when he is hoisted great in extent into the forest canopy.

Estimates insinuate that, in the years since the eight-year-old Richard first dreamed of visiting the Amazon, close to 20 per cent of the South American rainforest has been destroyed. Aiming to boost a new epoch to become guardians of this lone eco-plan, Hammond plans to display his photos at stingingly for shire schoolchildren. It's a staunch for, but with survive, photo opportunities and era stacked against him, can he deliver?

1) Voice 1
In this first of two films, Hammond is on the powerful Amazon itself, leaving the pipe river to participate in the flooded forest in trifling dug-out canoes. It soon becomes evident that the inhabitants of the Amazon are not agog to freedom ball when Richard struggles to even see the creatures spotted by his control Eduardo, let alone photograph them. However, hours of frustration are in fine rewarded when Richard enjoys once-in-a-lifetime encounters with sloths and Pink River Dolphins.

2) Voice 2
In the last voice in this series which sees Richard making his way along the Amazon River and rainforest to implement a puberty vision and photograph their wildlife. Tonight he will be fa cold ants, overcoming a exclusive revulsion when he comes appearance-to-appearance with mammoth spiders, and tries to annex his quail of heights when he is hoisted great in extent into the forest canopy. Expand On up... mammoth spiders??!!


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