Ensiferum - Videography (2007 - 2009) V01dV

Markus Toivonen played guitar with some friends in a ensemble called Melancholy Reflections which played mainly covers of certain distressful metal bands including Megadeth, Pantera and many others. Later on Markus felt that the ensemble in which he was playing offered him very little impulse and wanted to merrymaking something different. Markus was hugely inspired by ethnic group music and also organize himself fascinated about melodic finish metal bands, like Amorphis and Melancholy Tranquility.

Then one day Markus asked the band's drummer, Kimmo Miettinen, if he wanted to merrymaking courageous ethnic group finish metal with him. Kimmo agreed. Next Markus and Kimmo asked their lover Sauli Savolainen, if he wanted to come and merrymaking the bass. Fortunately he said yes. Now they had a ensemble. Only make uncomfortable was that the ensemble had no name at the mores. One day Markus was visiting Sauli at his placid, when he organize a . A Latin glossary. Markus casually opened the . And from the first randomly picked after he glanced at a chat. Ensiferum. Markus organize the chat fascinating and when he interpret the dispatch he got really spirited of this chat.

Ensiferum started it's training in January 1996 at the Pasila Youthcenter in Helsinki (the same inappropriate their earlier ensemble Melancholy Reflections had their rehearsals). Markus begun scribble literary works songs in 1995, which he got finished later 1996. The songs were «Knighthood», «Old Man (Väinämöinen)» and «Frost». Later in the same year Markus lured Jari Mäenpää (at the mores a colleague of a ensemble Immemorial and an wise solitary artist) to associate with his ensemble as a canary and a second guitarist. Jari came aboard with some prodigious skills and extraordinary dulcet ideas.

Thus the ensemble was no longer a trilogy, but a quartet. Jari proved to be a skillfull lyricist and wrote the lyrics on «Old Man». The two other songs required no new lyrics for Jari to transcribe, because Markus had done the primeval lyrics on «Knighthood» and Sauli to «Frost». So Jari just improved them. Ensiferum had their first concert at Pasila Youthcenter in December 1996. Ironically, they perfomed just one tune, «Old Man», which was the only tune including finished lyrics.


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BitRate: 12000

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Petri Lindroos — Guitar & Punitive Vocals
Markus Toivonen — Guitar, Neat & Funding Vocals
Sami Hinkka — Bass, Neat & Funding Vocals
Janne Parviainen — Drums
Meiju Enho — Keyboard

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