Karen Cheryl - Music Videos (Greatest Hits) - DVD

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Format : DVD5, DVD Video, MPEG2, AC3
Flap: Best Hits
Character: Pop, Disco
Duration: 00:59:36
Year: 1979 — 1985

Video: 720x576 (PAL 16: 9), 25,000 fps, MPEG — 2, ~ 8316 kbps avg, 0.802 bit / pixel
Audio: 48.0 kHz, Audio Coding 3, 2 ch, 192 kbps

Extras. Info: Karen Cheryl — the original organize name; valid name: Isabelle Morizet. Isabelle Creativity stylistically harmoniously coincided in spell (end of 70th-commencement The midriff 80's) with some even «rampant» imagination in the European pop spot, well, Italy ... with these fine (set of Italian hits were passed on French for Karel), not only in the dulcet government, but in the TV large screen projects: Rumble, Zolushka80 opened to us after about 10 years, R Sanderson and B Bianco respectively. Karen other words, it is also called the Carina — a gay greetings from removed made-up eighties

01. Warble To Me Mama
02. Amore Mio
03. Les Nouveaux Romantiques
04. Pense a Moi, Quand Meme
05. I Wish it 's Me
06. Fleuve Amour
07. Pas D 'Panik!
08. Tchoo Tchoo (Power On The Strategy)
09. Samedi, Dimanche Et Fetes
10. Oh! Cheri Cheri
11. A L «envers, a L» endroit
12. Je Me Souviens
13. Give Away Me You 're Man Enough
14. Si
15. Hurricane Ma Peine
16. Le Threesome Des Secretaires (Deed Jane Birkin, Dorothee)
17. Warble To Me Mama

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