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Face of Britain by Simon Schama

Arts Documentary hosted by Simon Schama, published by BBC in 2015 - English narration


Face of Britain by Simon Schama
Simon Schama explores the record of British portraiture, revealing the stories behind the most compelling images in British art and examining the ways portraiture is used to earn a statement.

The historian explores the record of British portraiture, revealing the stories behind some of the greatest images in art. Throughout the series, he examines how the art get develop has been used as a edict of passion, to publicize stardom, to suggest perspicacity into the artists themselves and to taking the faces of the British people.

1) The Kisser Of Power
He begins by looking at the unwavering power of portraiture, considering how people learn to comprehend faces before they can pace or talk. This makes the study one of the most compelling forms of art. Schama looks at how a study commissioned to extol Winston Churchill's 80th birthday ended in cataclysm for both artist and sitter, discovers how portraits can entangle a affray for rule and demonstrates the influence of portraiture in fostering loyalty.

2) Faces of the People
Simon Schama explores the rogue toil of British portraiture, looking at the artists who have taken all aspects of kindness as their lay open, not just the eager and the consumable who pay to be flattered. In doing so, he examines the exertion of artists such as William Hogarth, John Kay and Ford Madox Brown.

3) The Kisser of Stardom
The historian investigates what portraits of the pre-eminent of the dead and buried and for the present can let it be known about Britain's jingoistic goodness. He explores the robust tailback between stardom and renown, the depictions of women like Collection Fisher and Emma Hart which put them in the open eye, and the feeling behind the genesis of the Jingoistic Study Gallery.

4) The Look of Passion
The historian explores how portraiture has the power to immortalise passion, and is conducive in fulfilling the have one«s heart set on to keep loved ones solid by fixing their faces in chance. He begins with Sir Kenelm Digby»s crack to depose his old lady again to spirit through a series of portraits, before looking at the study miniatures from the Prince of Wales«s passion matter with Maria Fitzherbert. He reveals art made for passion not cabbage with Thomas Gainsborough»s study of his daughters, and Lewis Carroll's attempts to block chance in his photographs of Alice Liddell.

5) The Kisser in the Reflect
Simon explores the complex motivations behind self-portraits, looking at what they let it be known about the artists that produced them and the humanitarian environment. He investigates self-portraiture in a 13th century manuscript, including how the first self-study was created after artist Gerlach Flicke was incarcerated. Plus, he looks at William Orpen«s paintings in the search for his own indistinguishability during the First Beget War, and visits Antony Gormley»s fashion Another Place; a collective self-study made up of hundreds of figures.


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