Kung Fu Panda 2 [BDrip XviD AC3 ITA][Nautilus-BT]

Kung Fu Panda 2 [BDrip XviD AC3 ITA][Nautilus-BT]

Kung Fu Panda 2 [BDrip XviD AC3 ITA][Nautilus-BT]

Kung Fu Panda 2 è un cloud d'animazione del 2011 prodotto dalla DreamWorks Spiritedness e diretto da Jennifer Yuh.

Il cloud è il issue di Kung Fu Panda e alla revisione della sceneggiatura ha collaborato anche Charlie Kaufman.

Il panda Po, il nuovo Guerriero Dragone, protegge la Valle della Stride aiutato dai Cinque Cicloni (Tigre, Vipera, Scimmia, Gru e Mantide).

Tuttavia, un giorno, durante uno scontro con un branco di lupi, Po dopo aver visto un misterioso stemma ha una visione e si distrae permettendo ai nemici di scappare.

Lo stemma in realtà è il simbolo della casata di Nobleman Shen, un pavone bianco.

In origine i genitori di Shen portarono stride e serenità nel loro regno grazie alla polvere da sparo, che essi usavano on one's own per spettacoli pirotecnici.

Nobleman Shen, invece, vedeva nella polvere la possibilità di sottomettere tutta la Cina con armi da fuoco...

Kung Fu Panda 2 is a 2011 3D American computer-spirited activity comedy cloud,
directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, produced by DreamWorks Spiritedness, and distributed by Main Pictures.

It is the issue to the 2008 cloud Kung Fu Panda, in which Po and his friends engagement to lay off a would-be conqueror with a strong new weapon and a disquieting relation to the amazon panda's past.

The found search for of the aboriginal cloud reprised their articulation roles while the new villain, Nobleman Shen, is voiced by Gary Oldman.

Years before the events of the first cloud, Nobleman Shen (Gary Oldman),
legatee of the peacock fraternity that ruled Gongmen Borough in past China, sought to harness the power of fireworks as a weapon with which to supervise the thorough country.

When he literate from the court's goat soothsayer (Michelle Yeoh) that «a warrior of vile-and-white» would one day destroy him,
Shen taken for granted she was referring to a panda and exterminated much of the panda denizens to avert the prophecy.

Shen's parents were horrified at this enormity and exiled Shen, who swore revenge.

Thirty years later, Po (Jack Vile) is living his pipedream as the Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley of Placidity alongside his friends and bloke kung fu masters,
the Boiling Five, but is told by Mavin Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) that he has yet to about inner placidity.

While fighting off a knapsack of wolf bandits who have been larceny sensitive metal for Nobleman Shen, Po is distracted by a figure on the leadership wolf's (Danny McBride) armor,
which causes Po to have a flashback of his progenitrix and allows the wolves to escape...

Titolo : Kung Fu Panda 2
Anno : 2011
Genere : Spiritedness — Activity — Enterprise
Lingua : ITA
Qualità : BDrip

About dossier
Name: Kung Fu Panda 2 [BDrip XviD by PiGreco].avi
Beau: Sun, 04 Dec 2011 13:15:49 +0100
Weight: 1,177,497,510 bytes (1122.949 MiB)
Tipo dossier: RIFF (little-endian) statistics, AVI, 704 x 298, 23.98 fps, video: XviD, audio: Dolby AC3 (6 channels, 48000 Hz)
Generic infos
Duration: 01:30:24 (5423.872 s)
Container: AVI
AVI has hint: Yes
Come To tracks: 2
Stalk nr. 0: video
Stalk nr. 1: audio {ITA AC3 5.1 448 kbps}
Suited statistics
Result: 704 x 298
Extent: multiple of 32
Tallness: multiple of 2
So So DRF: 2.952
Example deviation: 0.628
Std. dev. weighted mean: 0.485
Video stalk
FourCC: xvid/XVID
Result: 704 x 298
Bone Structure characteristic relationship: 352:149 = 2.362 (~2.35:1)
Pixel characteristic relationship: 1:1 = 1
Evince characteristic relationship: 352:149 = 2.362 (~2.35:1)
Framerate: 23.976 fps
Come To frames: 130,043
Well Up weight: 869,009,937 bytes (828.752 MiB)
Bitrate: 1281.753 kbps
Qf: 0.255
Key frames: 1,712 (0; 240; 480; 720; 821; ... 129897)
Null frames: 0
Min key int: 1
Max key int: 240
Avg key int: 75.96
Interlude: 0 ms
Audio stalk
Audio tag: 0x2000 (AC3)
Channels: 6
Chunks: 65,021
Well Up weight: 303,736,832 bytes (289.666 MiB)
Bitstream paradigm (bs): AC3
Frames (bs): 169,496
Duration (bs): 01:30:24 (5423.872 s)
Chunk-aligned (bs): Yes
Bitrate (bs): 448 kbps CBR
Sampling frequency (bs): 48000 Hz
Standard Operating Procedure (bs): 3 fa, 2 educate, 1 LFE
Preload: 192 ms
Max A/V diff: 220 ms
Interlude: 0 ms
Video bitstream
Bitstream paradigm: MPEG — 4 Fractional 2
Narcotic Addict statistics: XviD0050
Crowded bitstream: No
QPel: No
Interlaced: No
Characteristic relationship: Generous pixels
Quant paradigm: H.263
Come To frames: 130,043
Drop/delay frames: 0
Perverted frames: 0
I-VOPs: 1712 ( 1.316 %)
P-VOPs: 51879 ( 39.894 %) ########
B-VOPs: 76451 ( 58.789 %) ############
S-VOPs: 0 ( 0.000 %)
N-VOPs: 1 ( 0.001 %)
Max consecutive B-VOPs: 2
1 consec: 16687 ( 35.833 %) #######
2 consec: 29882 ( 64.167 %) #############
DRF interpretation
so so DRF: 2.952
example deviation: 0.628
max DRF: 4
DRF=1: 1285 ( 0.988 %)
DRF=2: 25090 ( 19.294 %) ####
DRF=3: 82267 ( 63.262 %) #############
DRF=4: 21400 ( 16.456 %) ###
DRF>4: 0 ( 0.000 %)
I-VOPs so so DRF: 1.277
I-VOPs std. deviation: 0.448
I-VOPs max DRF: 2
P-VOPs so so DRF: 2.548
P-VOPs std. deviation: 0.5
P-VOPs max DRF: 3
B-VOPs so so DRF: 3.264
B-VOPs std. deviation: 0.476
B-VOPs max DRF: 4
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Kung Fu Panda 2 [BDrip XviD AC3 ITA][Nautilus-BT]
Kung Fu Panda 2 [BDrip XviD AC3 ITA][Nautilus-BT]

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