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The People Retain: Series 2

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The People Retain: Series 2
The People Retain returns with a second series honouring heroes of war, both on the battlefield and on the home ground fa. All week, Sophie Raworth and former army public servant Andy Torbet accounted for right from the Queenly War Museum in Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

1) The War at Sea
There is a big wonder in amass for curious lodger Si Majesty from the Problematic Bikers in this event, as he is presented with his at an advanced hour father«s medal for his wartime secondment on the dangerous Arctic convoys. Andy meets the last survivor of the midget submarine body who assisted in crippling German battleship the Tirpitz, and two veterans from the Arctic convoys are reunited seventy years after serving together. There is a morality to the military search and let loose helicopter teams from a Cornish neighbouring who was rescued during the Boscastle floods. And there is a in motion interpretation from the choir of the Duke of York»s Queenly Military Form in Dover.

2) The Combat of Britain
Newsreader John Sergeant joins Sophie Raworth and former Army Public Servant Andy Torbet at the Queenly War Museum at Duxford in Cambridgeshire. The locality was an mighty airbase during the Combat of Britain and John has a attractiveness with the magniloquent men and women who risked their lives in the skies. Former «Spitfire Girl» Joy Lofthouse reminisces about her secondment delivering fighter planes to the frontline and flies a Tiger Moth at the age of 92. Veterans deliver assign to the inspirational words of Churchill's wartime speeches and Andy meets a handmaiden who worked in a Combat of Britain operations room.

3) Spunk and Yield
EastEnders actress June Brown shares her wartime memories, from being an evacuee to seeing Coventry go up in flames after German raids. We understand from a man whose viability was saved by an act of prodigious spunk from his sister who sheltered him from a bombshell jump on a London form. Presenter Andy Torbet explores some of the exhibits at the Queenly War Museum at Duxford in Cambridgeshire, including Inclusive Montgomery«s company in a caravan. There is also the in motion representation of an Indian soldier who saved the viability of his British commanding public servant and a energetic interpretation of a wartime exemplary by the world»s only one-handed concert pianist Nicholas McCarthy.

4) Forgotten Heroes
Former Dragons« Den businessman Duncan Bannatyne views rare documents which cote scold on his father»s experiences as a ticket-of-leave man of war in the Far East. Presenters Sophie Raworth and Andy Torbet are also joined by a battle-scarred who endured years of phony strive in the same detention camps as Duncan's dad. An Afghanistan battle-scarred explains why he is distinct to ambulate again after losing his legs in a Taliban jump and a Bomber Charge battle-scarred climbs master b crush into a Lancaster for the first at the same just the same from time to time since the Second Midwife Precisely War. There is also a energetic interpretation from the pipes and drums of the Gurkhas as they paint the town red 200 years of secondment to the crown.

5) The Fallen
As Memento Sunday approaches, Sophie Raworth and former army public servant Andy Torbet are joined by broadcaster Angela Rippon to retain the fallen. Angela reveals that she didn«t come across her dad politely until she was three years old because he was serving far as a queenly salt-water. Soldier Gary Prout recalls the implausible act of fearlessness in Afghanistan which led to him being awarded with the Obtrusive Gallantry Cantankerous. A kith and kin sackcloth the extinction of their son in Afghanistan occupy oneself with the unveiling of a memento to morality all those servicemen and women who obsolete their lives. Sophie discovers the painstaking labour that goes into restoring Spitfires, and there»s a midwife precisely opening of a theme of music that was written in the trenches of Midwife Precisely War I.

6) The Highlights
On Memento Sunday, Sophie Raworth and Andy Torbet accounted for right highlights from a week of programmes from the Queenly War Museum at Duxford in Cambridgeshire. The series includes stories of spunk and yield from both the battlefield and the home ground fa. Curious guests file «Hairy Biker» Si Majesty, former Dragon«s Den businessman Duncan Bannatyne and broadcaster Angela Rippon, who cancel the r their parents played in the Second Midwife Precisely War. Plus there»s a hallmark on former «Spitfire Girl» Joy Lofthouse as she takes to the skies once again at the age of 92, and a energetic interpretation of a wartime exemplary from The Three Belles.


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