Chicago and Globe Become Calm and Vim Vigorous at the Greek Theater1r1 (fi

Chicago and Loam Up and Flames Electrified at the Greek Theater1r1 1080p x264 DTS.mkv

This is a fix for the first shot at at releasing the first disk of set. My goof-up was to upload the second disk instead of the first. If you got the prvious present of the first disk, it can be renamed as disk 2. Please assume my apologies about that.

Here we have another HD harmonious gig from the BD workshop. This Chicago concert is on the blink up into two disks, and this is the first influence disk. I'll except it up to you to upon which disk is better. The first disk is mostly Loam Up and Flames, and the second disk is mostly Chicago.

I've always been a fan of sway groups with lots of rudeness and Chicago adds some jazz to the equation. Loam up and Flames is a terrific confirmation to Chicago.

The prototype interlaced video is deinterlaced and re-encoded using x264 at 29.97 frames per second and should be correct for re-authoring as BD if desired. We processed the lossless DTS-HD audio path to touchstone DTS 5.1 audio to take care of bandwidth. The concert is on the blink into two segments, each of which will fit incomparably on a distinct layered DVD — 5 disk.

Playback Tips: I use BSplayer (WMP sucks) to challenge the come on the PC. You will need dearest filters to decode the AC3 and X264. The following programs are preferred, I insinuate you uninstall anything else you may be using, especially if you deal the audio out of synch.

AC3 strainer

Coreavc x264 decoder

Here's a considerable post-mortem of the BD variation. Could not accord more with it.

Path listing:

Disk 1 (this present)

1 Beginnings (DVD)
2 In the Stone (DVD)
3 Colloquy, Pts. 1 & 2 (DVD)
4 Charm Belief (DVD)
5 Boogie Wonderland (DVD)
6 Routine of Survival (DVD)
7 Jupiter (DVD)
8 Flight (DVD)
9 Sly Flames (DVD)
10 Kalimba Gest (DVD)
11 Got to Get You into My Existence (DVD)
12 The Way You Remove (DVD)
13 After the Admiration Has Gone (DVD)
14 That's the Way of the Midwife Precisely (DVD)
15 Reasons (DVD)
16 Delusion (DVD)
17 Let's Trough (DVD)
18 Potent Mighty (DVD)

Disk 2 (other present)

19 (2) Coin Me Mixture: Coin Me Smile/So Much to Say, So Much to Lead
20 (2) If You Except Me Now (DVD)
21 (2) Cause on Me (DVD)
22 (2) Among The Living Again (DVD)
23 (2) Clear Proclivity to Intermission (DVD)
24 (2) Mongonucleosis (DVD)
25 (2) Old Days (DVD)
26 (2) Just You «N» Me (DVD)
27 (2) Saturday in the Greensward (DVD)
28 (2) Feelin' Stronger Every Day (DVD)
29 (2) I'm a Man (DVD)
30 (2) Clear to Say I'm Sorry (DVD)
31 (2) Get Away (DVD)
32 (2) September (DVD)
33 (2) Emancipated (DVD)
34 (2) Croon a Kerfuffle B Evasion (DVD)
35 (2) Does Anybody Really Know What Everything It Is? (DVD)
36 (2) Shining Unparalleled (DVD)
37 (2) 25 or 6 to 4 (DVD)
38 (2) Hand-Out Substantial (DVD)(*) 0:00

Credits of Electrified at the Greek Playhouse (DVD)Walter Parazaider Flute, Saxophone, Class Colleague John Paris Drums Jason Scheff Bass, Class Colleague, Vocals Verdine Anaemic Bass, Class Colleague B. David Witworth Percussion, Vocals Gregory Moore Guitar Richard Salvato Handling Myron McKinley Keyboards, Class Colleague, Harmonious Boss Reginald Adolescent Trombone Jim Gable Boss Ralph Boyd Johnson Percussion, Class Colleague, Vocals Art Macnow Handling Stanton Crocker Lighting Boss Peter Schivarelli Handling Jimmy Pankow Trombone, Class Colleague Chris Osterhus Editing Robert C. Burns Trumpet Stephanie Bennett Fabricator Patricia Friedman Fabricator Neb Champlin Keyboards, Vocals, Class Colleague Robert Lamm Keyboards, Vocals, Class Colleague Gary Saxophone Michael Frondelli Repairman Keith Howland Guitar, Vocals, Class Colleague Tris Imboden Drums, Class Colleague Lee Loughnane Trumpet, Class Colleague Philip Bailey Percussion, Vocals, Class Colleague

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