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The Coolest Places on Turf: Series 1

Socialize Documentary hosted by Rodger Leopardi, published by Bellum Films in 2015 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


The Coolest Places on Earth
The Coolest Places on Turf takes viewers on a take a tour of conception to the most astonishing places on the planet — cities, festivals, landmarks and jaw-dropping works of colour — exploring each location's summary and lifestyle, to ascertain why it deserves to be called one of the coolest places on turf!

1) Alien Hotels
In the first event of The Coolest Places on Turf we«ll go skydiving, jet boating, and bungee jumping in the event paramount of the beget, New Zealand. Finish lots of adrenaline. Then, we»ll scrutinize in, to scrutinize out some of the world«s most kinky, unique, and alien hotels above organize and below. Plus, weigh security and crane the mizzen! We»re going to differ with pirates and carry out some ghosts in the most haunted conurbation in America.

2) America's West Seashore
Today on the Coolest Places on Turf we«re entrancing you on a way tour up America»s Pacific seashore from Los Angeles to Seattle and north to the rough-and-wherewithal a waiting 49th nationalist, Alaska. We«ll see stars in Hollywood and considerable above the Redwoods, rip some breakers, mush a link up, rob salmon alongside some grizzlies and-«belay on»-clamber up some big walls. So clutch your mechanism, your table, and your demand, because where we»re going you'll need the fuel.

3) Chile
Today on The Coolest Places on Turf we're entrancing a tour to the extensive state, Chile, the South American country of distant contrasts, like bone-dry deserts and rich waterfalls, snowy mountains and simmering volcanoes, where new-fashioned living and old summary mingle and big cities are just minutes away from alien ardent islands and frosty getaways. Que Rico! Here we come!

4) Wildlife: Tanzania
In the coolest places to see wildlife. We«re off to Tanzania»s Serengeti Nationalist Car Park to echo migrating wildebeests and railroad big cats. Then we«ll fly over and plummet under Australia»s technicolor Inordinate Boundary Reef. And last but not least, we'll take a sailing-yacht into the spirit of the most distinct state on turf, the Amazon Rainforest. Next stop? Event.

5) America's Nationalist Parks
In this event we«re motoring across America on an epic open-air event to traverse its greatest Nationalist Parks. We»ll climb Yosemite«s El Cap, fake on Yellowstone»s Old Punctilious, and uncover the mind these stones are motile by themselves across Eradication Valley. We'll shun under amber arches, ram through amazon redwoods, and get as close up as we can to all creatures big, bigger, and biggest.

6) 60th
On the Coolest Places on Turf: We«re plotting a course for worldwide event...exploring unique places at the top of the beget and at the tokus, from Iceland to the tip of Argentina and northern Canada to Tasmania. We»re talking latitude with orientation. Because where we«re going, we don»t need roads. We need ice breakers, bush planes, skis, and strong, steadfast sled dogs.

7) Inordinate Britain
Ascendancy Britannia, chilled Britannia. We«re crossing the English Narrows to Inordinate Britain, the get of castles and cathedrals, nobles and knights, Beefeaters, and Big Ben. Hop aboard the doubled-decker, and don»t lose your brolly!

8) Florida Keys
Today on the Coolest Places on Turf: We«re on the way to pleasure. If you»re looking for an plethora of possession and fun in the sun, we«ve got the keys...the Florida Keys, that is. Next, clutch your parka. We»re entrancing you to one of the happiest countries on the planet. And, from the stupefying castles of the Scottish Highlands to the lovely beaches and waterfalls of Croatia, we're on a purpose to break the so so, and undergo the unique.

9) Old Ruins
Today on the Coolest Places on Turf: We«re on the way to ruins...old ruins that is. Breathtaking, mystical, and in every way stupefying. From the Inordinate Pyramid of Giza to the Inordinate Protection of China, and from chief temples to histrionic dwellings. We»re on a purpose to summon up what«s still continuous, and ascertain the wonders of centuries done. So relevant on to your passports; we»re globetrotting through without surcease to the world's coolest ruins.

10) Australia
Today on The Coolest Places on Turf: We«re heading down under to one of the coolest continents on turf...Australia! We»ll go surfing and sunbathing on Sydney«s unique beaches, irritated the great outback, and get to the tokus...and the top of Uluru. We»ll also get an earful from the cockatoos on Kangaroo ait. It's going to be a bonzer without surcease!

11) New Zealand
Today on The Coolest Places on Turf: If you«re craving big event, we»ve got just the ticket. Get wherewithal a waiting to increase, increase, expire, and climb to unsolvable heights in New Zealand, the Get of the Extensive Clouds. It's without surcease to get into the section, Kiwi mode!

12) Coolest Landmarks
Today on The Coolest Places on Turf: We«re looking for landmarks in all of the right places! From New York, to Neuschwanstein, to the Kremlin, and the Drained Assembly. So if you»re «leaning» toward event, get your passports wherewithal a waiting because we«ve got our eye out for 20 of the world»s most prominent landmarks!

13) American Cities
Lustrous lights...big cities. We«re going irritated-state to ascertain America the admirable, and some of its coolest cities. From sea to shining sea, we»re celebrating what makes these big cities uniquely American...and chilled.

14) Inordinate Outdoors
We«re camping out, diving in, and falling over. It»s all about the inordinate outdoors. From the coolest places to settle crash, to the awe and puzzle under the sea; we're entrancing you into the spirit of the inordinate outdoors!

15) Hiking
Strap your boots and clutch your finish because we«re hiking some of the best and longest trails in the beget. We»re entrancing you from the icy tundra of Norway, to one of the driest state on Turf, all in search of the blameless state to fixed at the wonders of the eventide sky!

16) Northern Europe
We«re heading to colder climes where we»ll irritated frosty fjords in Iceland, differ with big Vikings in Norway, and summon up out why there's nothing rural in Greenland.

17) Leading Canada
Get wherewithal a waiting to see The Inordinate Drained North like you«ve never seen it before. We»re hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling our way across Eastern and Leading Canada, checking out the best of what these regions have to offer.

18) Western Canada
In this event we scrutinize out the wonders and wilds of Western Canada and the Territories, from the man-made heights of Vancouver skyscrapers to the dignified peaks of Banff Nationalist Car Park.

19) Durability Races
Clutch your sustained shoes, emphasize up your tires, and get wherewithal a waiting to lineaments some of the most considerable-spirited durability races on the planet! Coolest Places travels across the ball to summon up out what makes these competitions so strong and what makes these athletes meshuga enough to compete.

20) Tokyo Japan
We socialize across the ball to the paramount of the Get of the Rising Sun — Tokyo, Japan. We'll plummet into the conurbation, scrutinize out the sights and catch on to out just what makes so many people want to lodge here, the most crowded metropolitan extent in the beget.

21) Aloha Hawaii
The surf«s up and the sun»s out as we main to the Aloha Nationalist — Hawaii! Get wherewithal a waiting to see the best sights of Hawaii's four biggest islands, from the gnarly waves of the North Shore to the admirable jungles of Kauai, backdrop to dozens of Hollywood blockbusters. Humiliated ten!

22) Best of 1
On The Coolest Places on Turf: Get wherewithal a waiting to undergo some of the most worthy socialize destinations in the beget as we look abet on the best of 1. From the tokus of the Inordinate Boundary Reef to the top of the Empire Nationalist edifice, we'll take a look at what makes Turf so chilled.


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