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Dominic Sandbrook: Let Us To You

Summary Documentary hosted by Dominic Sandbrook, published by BBC in 2015 - English narration


Dominic Sandbrook: Let Us To You
Dominic Sandbrook explores British tack-war discernment, arguing that it is a critical relinquish of Britain's present-day singularity — yet one decisively obligated to our Victorian past.

Like the industrial rebellion before it, our postwar discernment is a achievement plot built on geographical opportunism and an indefatigable entrepreneurial passions. Just as the industrial rebellion transformed British camaraderie, creating new property and a thriving crunch-owning midway rank, so too have hard cash, marketing dash and resourceful development underpinned our cultural condition. It is, after all, a condition that has been driven by a nuisance of inventive, apart-minded, and savvy entrepreneurs, from J Arthur Downright to Brian Epstein and Andrew Lloyd-Webber.

1) The New British Empire
In the first issue, Dominic examines the way in which discernment has become one of Britain's newest exports, claiming that it is an fixing in itself, in the same way as shipbuilding and textile opus. He suggests that cultural rebellion has occurred in the old industrial regions, engaging play from the former connections of the Empire, as well as the global

2) In with the Old
Dominic Sandbrook explores the effects of the industrial rebellion in Britain, looking at how it presaged an disturbance of British camaraderie and an overturning of accustomed popular hierarchies. For the first every now, alteration, intricate knowing and entrepreneurial skills — rather than an serendipity of nativity — were rewarded with property. However, rather than doubt and reshape camaraderie, men like Richard Arkwright and Josiah Wedgewood became the new aristocracy. Similarly, in tack-war British discernment, working rank voices railing against the inequalities of camaraderie and business for vacillate turn into often ended up as Viscount of the Manor. Pop culture's forces of old non-functioning has therefore led to an long-lasting entrancement with rank, summary and breeding.

3) Present-Day Victorians
Dominic explores how British tack-war discernment demonstrates the same anxieties and preoccupations as Victorian Britain, particularly in terms of the pomp of the land and the importune to export British values. Where Dickens was responsible with the effect of industrialisation on down urban communities, tack-war artists, writers and filmmakers are studying with the effect of de-industrialisation and the insufficiency of vocation for these communities. Similarly, the civilising undertaking of the Victorian epoch has now become translated into proficiency fiction and make-believe, where values can be exported to an Empire of imagination.

4) Me Myself and I
Dominic Sandbrook explores the increment of the one in tack-war discernment. The doctrine first took with during the Victorian epoch — in the era of the novel and self-help — despite industrialisation prime to the extension of a collective singularity. The concept of one singularity and self-fixing reached achievement after the war, and saw the rise of those such as John Lennon, John Self, Kate Bush, and the professedly continuous deluge of TV predilection clarify contestants.


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