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The Scoop of Jesus

Biography Documentary hosted by David Suchet, published by BBC in 2011 - English narration.

Nine of the world«s cardinal Biblical experts re-explore the Fact accounts of Jesus»s being. Using the very latest archaeological, documented and theological examination, the programmes take apart the key influences on Jesus's teaching, tour the acreage in which he lived and preached, and clash the people who surrounded him.

Illustrated with expressly-projectile theatrical piece footage of the key moments in Jesus's being, aerial and all at once-diminish footage, these experts explore the steady content of the 2000-year-old scoop of Jesus, and what it meant to his basic first century followers.

1) Original Being
This adventure investigates the scoop of Jesus from his start to the commencement of his religion, when he performed some of his renowned healings and miracles. Championship investigation is provided by Dr Simon Gathercole of Cambridge University, who visits Bethlehem to explore the stories of Jesus«s birth; Professor James Weird of Florida University, who uses the archaeology of Galilee to tour Jesus»s youth, the strayed years of his life; Dr Joan Taylor of London University, who examines the key eccentric of John the Baptist and his modify on Jesus; and Professor Greg Carey of Lancaster Make Fun Of, who investigates some of Jesus's key miracles, their content and significance.

2) Later Being
This adventure follows Jesus from his litigious teaching in Galilee to the grow of his being in Jerusalem. Professor Obery Hendricks of the New York Theological Make Fun Of investigates the basic insurrectionary content of Jesus's teaching, and how the church has tried to downplay its palpable significance.

Professor Ben Witherington investigates Jesus's decree to confront the authorities in Jerusalem, and how he revealed his steady distinctiveness in unpublishable to his disciples several months before he went to the city.

Dr Helen and Dr Andrew Skinner explore the last week of Jesus's being, and the palpable content of the trials he underwent before the Jewish and Roman authorities.

And Professor Tom Wright, former Bishop of Durham and now a examination professor at St Andrew«s University, investigates the documented facts in fact of the resurrection and its purposes in Christianity»s beginnings as a new religion.


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