Railroad Alaska Series 1 6of6 Bound Attacks 720p x264 HDTV [MVGroup]

Railroad Alaska: Pep Up 1

Excursions Documentary hosted by Demetri Gorritsas, published by Revelation Guide in 2013 - English narration

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Railroad Alaska: Pep Up 1
Railroad Alaska follows an elite gang of workers — brakemen, engineers and drivers — as they engagement cruel poorly and treacherous territory to keep the Solemn of Alaska's carping, 650-mile fancy, railroad rolling through the far-away winter.

The Alaska Railroad is America«s last outstanding thorough putting into play transportation and traveller railroad — faint off grid homesteaders and vacationers excursions on the same tracks as military arms, physic, coal, commons and chemicals. It»s a needed artery shuttling both goods and people through a huge wilderness.

Homesteaders living miles from roads or towns and surrounded by waste animals — from bears to moose and wolves — can diminish the traveller baby-talk choo-choo down in the mid-point of the woods. If it doesn't get through they can be stranded without supplies.

Crews aspect a uninterrupted omen of lacklustre avalanches, blizzards, boreal temperatures and perilous wildlife to keep this needed lifeline management. Behemoth icicles, frozen birch points and infringed rails must be taken tend of to keep the crinkle management.

1) Frozen Omen
Off-grid settlers Jim, Nancy and John aspect being stranded without essential necessities when an avalanche hits and blocks the course. Roadmaster Hugh Evans battles boreal temperatures to get propane to the off-gridders before they word for word paralyse to death.

2) The Brute
A captivating snowstorm blocks Alaska's lifeline. Danny and Sensual to put over a produce out the Brute, a 67 ton snowplough — and the dogs to unobstructed the way for a transportation baby-talk choo-choo hauling needed diesel to Seward. And homesteaders, Mary and Clyde, need an difficulty generator.

3) Dilly Ice
When ice threatens to fasten down the rails, significant off-gridder Amanda Simpson is progressive stranded while her acquaintance seeks out supplies. Brakemen Danny and Sensual must transfer $5 million usefulness of transportation to Anchorage, navigating a waste moose on the rails.

4) Tragedy Follow
Off the grid brothers, Steven and Jonathon, must fix a collapsing roof on their shack before a existence-intimidating snowstorm. Brakemen, Danny and Sensual, the dogs to redeem military paraphernalia to Anchorage when a car derails, intimidating to fasten down the crinkle.

5) Ice Poniard
Hugh Evans finds a infringed towel-rail birch that threatens to derail a baby-talk choo-choo and rest needed medical supplies from getting through to homesteaders, Clyde and Mary Lovel, and Roadmaster Bruce must project down a twenty-ton icicle before it hits a baby-talk choo-choo.

6) Cause To Occur Attacks
With the cause to occur thaw comes floodwater that threatens to break away a division of course that Roadmaster Bruce must the dogs to into working order. The cause to occur also means bears, which masquerade as a omen to settlers Jim and Nancy as they away their way to the traveller baby-talk choo-choo.


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