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Loch Lomond: A Year in the Wild

Primitiveness Documentary hosted by John Hannah, published by Moat 5 in 2015 - English narration



Loch Lomond: A Year in the Wild
Documentary following the of the seasons on the assorted array of wildlife living in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Governmental Put.

1) Appear
The first copy sees the traveller of appear after a stony-hearted winter, with the melting snow forcing the mountain hares to keep their heads down to keep away from becoming a carry to extremes for a blessed eagle, while expressive red deer crisis down to the glens to calve. The park's ospreys crop up again from West Africa to develop, two spear unspeakable grouse dispute for the right to twin, and an eagle chick waits patiently for its parents to crop up again with food

2) Summer
It's June at Loch Lomond and Trossachs Governmental Put, and with the spirited temperatures come luscious pickings. However, for the newborn the summer months are important as they learn to dispute, come on edibles and keep away from predators. Will an orphaned hen harrier chick, junior red squirrels, Eurasian beaver kits and two rare osprey chicks read e suggest it through to the autumn?

3) Autumn
Documenting autumn events at Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Governmental Put, a rhythm for the red deer rut, when stags action for the right to develop. Meanwhile, two osprey chicks, Lonaig and Murrin, inaugurate their first 3,000-mile migration to West Africa, and cameras also come after the pilgrimage of Atlantic salmon and the confinement of adders, the UK's only spiteful snakes.

4) Winter
The winter is conciliatory and wet, which is adequate hearsay for some but bad hearsay for others at Loch Lomond and Trossachs Governmental Put. Cameras come after red deer who are stiff to higher foundation, while salmon have gone six months without edibles. Meanwhile, mountain hares loop a awesome unsullied to help them lurk from predators, but with no snow they have become credulous targets for keen eagles.


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