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War Stories

War Documentary hosted by Veronika Hyks, published by Origination Aqueduct in 1999 - English narration



These are the men and women who saw it all. Unparalleled, persuasive first-submit accounts of the Second To The Max War. Tales from Auschwitz, Distinctive Operations, war correspondents, guerilla movement fighters and the Jewish Brigade bask in bodily experiences of war that stupefy all illusions.

A British lifer who survived Auschwitz and describes his epoch there. An clandestine spokesman captured by the Nazis, whose slammer camp-site experiences were used to indict war criminals. A British soldier tortured by the Gestapo who lived to become a dedicated Nazi huntress. A war journalist who inadvertently stumbled on preparations for the storming of Poland. A fighter with the Jewish Brigade, torn between mercifulness and army regulations. An clandestine guerilla movement fighter who epoch and again braved the Germans lineaments to lineaments. Featuring rare archival footage and photographs, these stories and others give an impulsive and valuable generous corroborate of the war, in contradistinction to any seen or heard before.

Produced by the LAB for Origination Networks Europe MCMXCIX

4) War Journalist
They were the men and women who risked their lives at the fa cortege to send the geste composed. Everywhere the soldiers went, it was their job to go too. Some never returned. Claire Hollingworth, a newspaper gentleman assigned to Poland, took a shopping voyage into Germany one summer afternoon and inadvertently discovered Hitler«s troops massing on the edging. Her communication poverty-stricken the word of Poland»s storming on September 1st. Billy Jordan, assigned to the In The Lurch , initiate himself filming a turning regarding, the Action of El Alamein. Later assignments in Tunis and Monte Cassino almost sell for him his epoch. Harry Oaks, dispatched to haziness the unfettering of a lifer of war camp-site, initiate himself in the sincerity of never-before-seen fright at the concentration camp-site of Belsen.


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