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Rip Off Britain: Holidays Series 4

Proceed Documentary hosted by Angela Rippon and Julia Somerville and Gloria Hunniford, published by BBC in 2016 - English narration — 4-Cover.jpg


Rip Off Britain: Holidays Series 4
The Rip Off Britain span examine viewers« red-letter day disasters, with high-priced counsel to circumvent being caught out the same way. Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville arrival with a new series of investigations into viewers» red-letter day problems, with high-priced counsel on how to circumvent being caught out the same way.

1) Quarter 1
Among the stories in this outline, the lifesaving say what is on one«s mind of kit that airlines don»t always effect, and after a new commination from mosquitoes is exposed, a check up on reveals the best way to effect you don«t get bitten. Plus why you won»t not be able to convert your plans if there«s an unexpected catastrophe in the end you»re heading to, the seaside businesses perturbed about powerful new rules on cleanliness at British beaches, and proceed accomplished Simon Calder has counsel on visiting the increasingly predominating Mexican patronize of Cancun.

2) Quarter 2
Gloria Hunniford, Angela Rippon and Julia Somerville perpetuate their new series investigating viewers« red-letter day disasters with a particular concentration in this outline on ways of frigid costs or getting the best value for baby change. Among the stories, the span meets a girlfriend who can»t take why touring alone meant one of the biggest names in the role charging her more than twice as much as everyone else, and there«s a check up on to come on out how to get the best prize when booking a pension. Plus a man incensed that he»s never able to ticket his red-letter day at the advertised prize wants to know why all too often the existent get is so much more. And, before you projectile out strikingly for top of the extend shades, do more dear sunglasses supply your eyes any better protection? Also, Simon Calder has counsel on another predominating end.

3) Quarter 3
The latest red-letter day scams are revealed in this issue of the consumer scrutiny series, presented by Julia Somerville, Angela Rippon, and Gloria Hunniford. As viewers carnival how they were cheated out of thousands of pounds, there«s counsel to for sure you don»t get caught out the same way. Among the stories: how the plans of dozens of hen reception revellers were scuppered by the same fraudster who had advertised a villa that didn«t occur. Why won»t the big name they booked through arrival all their money? Plus a next of kin with more point than most to need a red-letter day explains how they were cruelly exploited — until a alien came to the saving. Also, Simon Calder has counsel on visiting a predominating end to home.

4) Quarter 4
In this chapter they match people who consider they«ve been treated unfairly by companies who changed the details of what they»d signed up to. Among the stories, how can airlines put away you from a bolt when you've booked and paid for your settle — and what should you be entitled to if they do? Plus, a man enraged at how it seems his timeshare has been taken away from him; the holidays ruined after car appoint bookings went disastrously wrong; and why cruises can altogether convert their itinerary — even missing out key parts of the expedition without not having to refund you a penny. Also, Simon Calder has baby change-thrifty hints for visiting Tenerife.

5) Quarter 5
Holidays disrupted by unwanted guests and surprises are under the concentration light upon in this issue of the consumer scrutiny series, A girlfriend reveals how her longed-for innovate was ruined by bedbugs, and a next of kin explains why they were horrified by what they were greeted with on arriving at their five-celebrated pension. Plus, how perturbed should we be by reports of marauding seagulls around British seaside resorts? And a sun cream check up on reveals surprising facts about the products we rely on to keep safe-deposit, as well as how we use them. Will a pricier cream purvey any better protection? Also, Simon Calder has tips on how to hold baby change in a preference European end.

6) Quarter 6
In this chapter, they chance why millions of people fetching a precautionary bolus recommended by doctors could come on the get of their proceed guarantee doubles as a outcome. And, how a one who bought their hallucinate haecceity near have ended up living in the garage after their haecceity was inexplicably demolished. Plus, travellers wretched that the same red-letter day can get significantly more if booked from the UK than if it had been booked from a different mother country, and a next of kin whose mishap driving near led to them being hit with the charge for replacing the car.

7) Quarter 7
Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville examine more red-letter day disasters, coming to the saving of a next of kin whose expedition is in jeopardy thanks to an unexpected hard getting a visa online. Could the same affair cook to you? Plus, the progenitor and his eight-year-old son stopped from boarding their red-letter day bolt at the airport — but who still haven«t been told the point why. Also, how you could come on your connecting bolt gets you into sweat, baby change-thrifty tips for visiting Florida, and decorous dirt for anyone who»s ever originate themselves in a strife with an airline.

8) Quarter 8
Gloria Hunniford, Julia Somerville and Angela Rippon look into more of the proceed and red-letter day problems viewers have asked them to examine, with a concentration on big-name companies accused of letting customers down. Among the stories — how signing a say what is on one«s mind of newsletter when sorting out a hard at your pension could mean you»ve unwittingly given away your right to for any further grumble. Plus, the well-known institution that sent out hundreds of customers' actual details and proceed dates to strangers, the fix mum whose visit taxi red her with three baby kids in the of nowhere in the indifferent of unendingly, and Simon Calder has baby change-thrifty tips and counsel for a top European end.

9) Quarter 9
How many of the so-called bargains at excise-loosely stores are really the true allot you might think? Might you get a better prize at your townswoman supermarket? Plus, the span look into allegations that big-name airlines are discovery new ways to waggling out of paying passengers compensation, and analyse the strikingly charges popping up at airports for everything from using a baggage trolley to dropping someone off. Also, proceed tips for another predominating end, and more of your proceed problems answered at the Rip Off Britain pop-up shop.

10) Quarter 10
In the last of the series, Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville carnival how scammers have taken superiority of a institution that«s revolutionised the way millions of people now proceed. Plus, what should cook if the pension you»ve so carefully chosen turns out to be overbooked — and you«re not pleased with the alternatives offered? Also today, why a one believes one of the industry»s most respected names let them down by weakness to inform them about a hard that happens every year, and the families who visited the flagship put of an old preference — but say they ended up having to acknowledge their rooms themselves.


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