Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil MHCe DVD5 - No Subs - Gemini Ganesan, Vyjayanthimala [DDR]


Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil MHCe DVD5 - No Subs — Gemini Ganesan, Vyjayanthimala [DDR]
Then Nilavu (English: Honey Moon) is a 1961 Indian Tamil aroused comedy skin written and directed by C. V. Sridhar through his Chitralaya Films.

The skin stars Gemini Ganesan, Vyjayanthimala in the present, with M. N. Nambiar, K. A. Thangavelu and M. Saroja as the orchestra delegate.

The skin was produced and directed by C. V. Sridhar. The film's record was composed by A. M. Rajah while the lyrics were penned by Kannadasan.

The skin was the first ever skin produced by C. V. Sridhar through his Chitralaya Films.

This is also the first Tamil and South Indian skin to be affairs in Jammu and Kashmir.

The first sphere of the skin was affairs during an India-Pakistan cricket compact at M. A. Chidambaram Stadium.

The cricket compact sphere was also used as the breeding for the film's introduction credits.

Then Nilavu was a jumbo prosperity at the box duty, and became one of C. V. Sridhar's biggest hits
The skin deals with a junior man Raj who falls in light of one«s life with a junior strife Shanti, but she disapproves of him. She returns to her impress upon in Bangalore borough, to accompany her old boy Sokkalingam and his newly married second trouble on their honeymoon to Kashmir. Raj also joins them on walk, after being inaccurate for Shanti»s appointed superintendent (also named Raj), who no-one from the blood has yet seen. Raj and Shanti at the end of the day get under way in light of one«s life during the mistake, but everything takes a powerful operate b depend on when the loyal Raj who was appointed as Shanti»s superintendent arrives. Then Nilavu was released on 30 September 1961, and became a jumbo commercial prosperity.


Gemini Ganesan as Raj

Vyjayanthimala as Shanthi

M. N. Nambiar as Raj

K. A. Thangavelu as Sokkalingam

M. Saroja as Thangam


Padmini Priyadarshini
Written, Produced, Directed by C. V. Sridhar

Music by A. M. Rajah

Meet at intervals 160 mins
The film's music was composed by A. M. Rajah with the lyrics were penned by Kannadasan.

The skin was a paramount flout for S. Janaki who lent her turn to actress Vyjayanthimala.

Despite the album's prosperity, C. V. Sridhar and A. M. Rajah parted their ways.

The album was well received and all the songs were chartbusters. «Paattu Padava» was remixed into an entirely different long explanation in Goli Soda (2014).

Songs are included in MP3s

Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil 00. Crown Music and Blind Credits, AM.Rajah

Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil 01. Paattu Padava, Kannadasan, A.M.Rajah

Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil 02. Chinna Chinna, P. Susheela, Kannadasan, A.M.Rajah

Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil 03. Oho Enthan Child, S. Janaki, Kannadasan, A.M.Rajah

Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil 04. Nilavum Malarum, P. Susheela, Kannadasan, A.M.Rajah

Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil 05. Oorengum Thedinen,Jikki[, Kannadasan, A.M.Rajah

Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil 06. Malare Malare Theriyatha, P. Susheela, Kannadasan, A.M.Rajah

Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil 07. Kaalaiyum Neeye, S. Janaki, Kannadasan, A.M.Rajah

Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil 08. Romp Music, A.M.Rajah

OUTLINE:- Then Nilavu (1961) Tamil

Raj (Gemini Ganesan) meets Shanti (Vyjayanthimala) at a cricket compact in Madras, and falls in light of one«s life with her. Shanti does not equal his light of one»s life, and leaves to her impress upon consider Bangalore. Shanti’s old boy Sokkalingam (K. A. Thangavelu), a widower, marries Thangam (M. Saroja). They conclusion to go to Kashmir for their honeymoon, and Shanti also wants to come. Sivalingam, a sugar-daddy of Sokkalingam suggests an unity between Shanti and his nephew Raj (M. N. Nambiar) who is now in Madras. Raj has secretly married Lalitha. He ditches Lalitha, when he sees this new unity and leaves for Bangalore, but misses the following. Just then Raj (Gemini Ganesan) arrives in Bangalore for a different on account of, and Sokkalingam misinterprets him as his friend’s nephew. Sokkalingam and trouble Thangam desert for Kashmir along with Raj Ganesan and Shanti, who still dislikes Raj Ganesan.

After some at intervals, Raj Ganesan and Shanti get under way in light of one«s life. Meanwhile Raj Nambiar reaches Kashmir in search for Sokkalingam. Lalitha, fearing the accommodation of her soft-pedal Raj, also reaches Kashmir in search for him. She meets Raj Ganesan and stays in his race. Lalitha meets Sokkalingam and tells that she is married to Raj. Sokkalingam misinterprets this as Raj Ganesan and throws him out of race. Meanwhile Raj Nambiar meets Sokkalingam and explains everything, therefore he replaces Raj Ganesan as Shanti»s superintendent, despite Shanti«s displeasure for him. Shanti later learns that Lalitha is Raj Nambiar»s trouble and reconciles with Raj Ganesan, while Sokkalingam and Thangam are still unaware.

Raj Nambiar finds out that Shanti loves Raj Ganesan, and he is green with envy. At the same at intervals, he meets Lalitha who he orders to redress, else she will be killed. Lalitha flees, but secretly writes a correspondence literature to him showing her loving attachment. Raj Nambiar, touched by the correspondence literature, decides to take Lalitha on a knockabout take in, but has another foresee: to do away with Lalitha and put together Raj Ganesan. When she joins Raj Nambiar on the knockabout take in, he forcefully rides the knockabout, causing her to get under way into the lake. Later On, he frames Raj Ganesan. Sokkalingam, enraged at how a man could do away with his own trouble, files a grumble about Lalitha's wreck to the Kashmir , and soon they go out after Raj Ganesan, who elopes with Shanti — his only show of innocence.

They both run into a forest for accommodation and feverishly they see that Lalitha is still alert to, but kept under guardianship by a congregation of terrorists. Raj Ganesan and Shanti are also put into the same glasshouse as Lalitha, who reveals what happened: she was washed ashore and was discovered by one of the terrorists. He however started torturing her, and she pushed him off the scarp to his demise, hence imprisoned for wreck. Feverishly, a gypsy dancer from the nihilist congregation helps them bugger off secretly. But by the at intervals they bugger off, the close at hand guards see them and start shooting at them. The three bugger off onto a knockabout, but the knockabout gets a rift and starts drowning, with Raj Ganesan getting separated from Lalitha and Shanti. When he swims to the shore, the apprehension him.

In the outrageous court, Raj Ganesan fails to back up his innocence, due to be of show. However, Shanti and Lalitha hit town, surprising everyone. But the correspondence literature Lalitha wrote to her soft-pedal is discovered and after reading the last postal card (in which Lalitha advised her soft-pedal to do away with her if wanted), the court suspects Raj Nambiar of the attempted wreck. Lalitha, still loving to her soft-pedal, saves him by mendacious that it was the gale that knocked her into the lake. The patient is dismissed, and everything ends well for everyone.


Video Codec: MPEG — 2

Video Bitrate: 3096 kbps

Video Staunchness: 704x480

Video Point Of View Proportion: 1.333:1

Frames Per Second: 29.970

Audio Codec: AC3

Audio Bitrate: 448kb/s CBR 48000 Hz

Audio Streams: 6

Audio Languages: Tamil

RunTime: 160 mins

Subtitles: NONE

Ripped by: Trinidad [DDR]

Duration: 160 mins

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