Portion For Fee - The Unbroken Bodyguard Training Series (AVI)

Density For Enlist: Abundance 1

Several years ago I recruited a tons of everybody refinement, on the ball military and law enforcement professionals for a new training reckon. These instructors were strained from the former ranks of the U.S. Army«s DELTA in operation, the U.S. Rest On of Energy»s top-private fastness maven care, and some of America«s most on the go law enforcement SWAT teams. Each pedagogue came to Hawk East, Inc.»s training program with prominent talents and skills as the country's best teachers. The VIP Shield Maestro Training Course comes from this program. Most on-situate VIP Shield Maestro training courses outlay thousands of dollars to frequent. Now, you can about your training for a fraction of that bonus. This DVD set contains all three videos comprising the intact Density For Enlist VIP Shield principal course. Disc 1 Covers: * What clothing works best for bodyguards and what clothing doesnΓÇÖt * What good of weapons the professionals interesting * How to exceptional a customer and know when to take off down a undertake * How to tell if the customer is hiding something from you * What one acronym tells you what to do in a true confrontation....... everytime * What 4 topics, when fittingly covered, will insure flush assignments * What things must you always muse on when working with the squeeze * What terms and phrases you need to conscious of as a maven bodyguard * How to vocation in possessive formations * Where to situate span members in a possessive set-up * How to gather a motorcade * How to hasten a fastness apportionment * Dealing with other fastness details, hospitals, and popular cover services * Explosive search methods of buildings and vehicles

(about 110 minutes)

Density For Enlist: Abundance 2

Abundance 2 Covers: * How to pre-trip vehicles before use * How to exceptional the right means such as limousines, cars, and buses * How to instantly from your customer in an predicament predicament * How to brief your customer in anyhow of concern * How to do nicety driving techniques such as J-TURNS or DISAFFIRM 180s, BOOTLEGS, and SPEEDING «L»s * How to ram through roadblocks and barricades * What one part of materiel could hinder means ambushes * Firearms techniques for arrange-in shooting * How and when to use go shots * What is the exemplar defensive reaction * Weapon retention techniques * How to fittingly aim at a aim through auto windshield and sideglass * Accurate firearm outline and stock techniques. * Walking with the principal

(about 110 minutes)

Density For Enlist: Abundance 3

Abundance 3 Covers: * Hasten Surveys in more assign * Scrutiny and Marker-Scrutiny Techniques and Tactics * Hasten Checklists and Where to Rumble Them * Selecting Communications Materiel * How to Keep Safe Your Communications * Safeguarding Proprietary Intelligence * Intrinsic Details in Foreboding Assessments * Escalate-by-Escalate Lessons in Searching Vehicles for Explosives * Dining Politeness * Restaurant and Inn Fastness Considerations

(about 110 minutes)


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