The World of a website within 10 minutes (video)

About ProjectUcoZ is a delineate called to help anyone who wishes to produce his/her own Website. An existing spot can be made more in the chips and fascinating by expanding it with new capabilities in a very serene way. No wisdom in Web proposal is required and all offered services are SELF-GOVERNED!

Among the offered features there are some, native to to a legendary web hosting:

* innumerable SELF-GOVERNED disk space
* files can be uploaded through web interface or FTP
* in wing as well as to one self-governed bailiwick name got during registration, any other bailiwick can be spoken for (it can be purchased from any registrar, e.g.
* backup

native to to ginormous CMS (Substance Control Systems):

* database of spot users with disunion into groups
* job of different access levels depending on a buyer group
* a class of modules realizing (not only) greek web applications (see below)
* in the chips restraint over the proposal of web applications by means of HTML templates
* built-in visual HTML rewriter for those who are unused to with this markup language
* RSS purport and export
* blocking of energy from certain IP-addresses or subnets

and one of a kind, native to to UcoZ:

* festive templet style which allows to restrain different conditions when generating pages
* templates builder which allows to totally coppers the proposal in a very functional way

Modules are web applications which can be combined in any way to format a spot of any inscrutability: from sincere retirement community leaf with a guestbook to rather ginormous web portal. We recuperate and range our modules on a well-ordered point of departure. At this weight we come forward the following:

* Forum (Communiqu Trustees)
* Spot News
* Blog (Web Fortnightly)
* Publisher (Article Catalog)
* Interfile Catalog
* Spot Catalog
* Tag Trustees (Mini Small Talk)
* Ad Board
* Photo Albums
* Web Polls
* Guestbook
* FAQ Service
* E-post Forms
* Leaf Editor
* Statistics (Hit Token)

All substance modules can be adapted for different tasks. For example, Spot Catalog can be arranged and adapted as a catalog of goods, recipes, articles etc. Photo Albums can be used to move at a very sympathetic wallpapers catalog with all necessary features. The name of each module just describes its preconfigured deliberateness and functionality.

Our services are one of a kind as the predominating credo of their proposal is «Maximum in all», namely:

* functionality
* usability
* tuning capabilities, bendability and simplicity
* attractiveness of predefined designs and capabilities of instructions proposal modification
* spam and unwanted visitors safety

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