Gupi Bagha Phire Elo [1991]DivX[Bengali]-ExtraTorrent

Gupi Bagha Phire Elo [1991]DivX[Bengali]-ExtraTorrent[/size]
Gupi Bagha Phire Elo [1991]DivX[Bengali]-ExtraTorrent
Gupi Bagha Phire Elo [1991]DivX[Bengali]-ExtraTorrent
Goopy Gyne and Bagha Byne more often than not reign over the empire of Shundi. They are bored of viscountess luxuries. They want to get cast aside off to the days of wager they had enjoyed all their lives, but their age comes in the way. They off the empire in search of new experiences. Done, they reach Anandagarh and win the king«s marrow with their music. In the court they observe Brahmananda Acharya, who invites Goopy and Bagha to come to Anandagarh fort. When they go to his apartment he offers them a job to pussyfoot three valuable stones, making use of their unbelievable powers able by Bhuter Raja (Monarch of Ghosts). In put in an appearance again he promises to reveal them 20 years younger. They scarf two rare stones with a anticipation to become unfledged again. But then in their fancy the Monarch of Ghost appears and advises them to keep off bigotry. They apologise to him and put in an appearance again the stones to the individual owners. Brahmananda Acharya had gained gigantic powers, as shown when he was not rendered motionless when they sung in fa of the court. But, due to his voracity of gaining rare and valuable stones, he was not offered immortality. It was foretold that a 12 year boy, named Bikram, with seraphic powers, would be victorious over him. To inhibit his liquidation, Brahmananda Acharya had all the boys in Anandagarh, who were 12 years old and were named Bikram, kidnapped by his soldiers. He hypnotized them, making them his servants. In the end, Goopy and Bagha inaugurate out that one boy named Kanu was at one time named He was to take into one»s possession seraphic powers at the age of 12. He, along with Goopy d Bagha, went to Anandagarh fort. There, as Bikram came close-knit to Brahmananda Acharya, Acharya sank lower than the scope, signifying that he had been destroyed. His valuable stones also vanished. [1]
Cast (in alphabetical sisterhood)[/size]
Directed by
Sandip Ray

Calligraphy credits
(in alphabetical sisterhood)
Sandip Ray screenplay
Satyajit Ray story
Send (in credits sisterhood)
Tapan Chatterjee ... Goopy (as Tapen Chatterjee)
Robi Ghosh ... Bagha (as Rabi Ghosh)
Haradhan Bannerjee
Bhishma Guhathakurta
indolence of send listed alphabetically:
Ajit Banerjee
Sunil Sarkar
Real Music by
Satyajit Ray

Cinematography by
Barun Raha

Fade Away Editing by
Dulal Dutta

Art Handling by
Ashoke Bose

Set Medal by
Lalita Ray

Yell Out Vituperate Department
Sujit Sarkar .... sound

Camera and Electrical Department
Nemai Ghosh .... still photographer
media info:[/size]
Design : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
Portfolio dimension : 435 MiB
Duration : 2h 0mn
Overall bit worth : 506 Kbps
Design : MPEG — 4 Visual
Codec ID/Hint : DivX 5
Duration : 2h 0mn
Bit worth : 340 Kbps
Extensiveness : 480 pixels
Summit : 360 pixels
Show light correlation : 4.3
Design worth : 29.917 fps
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.066
Codec ID/Hint : MP3
Bit worth look : Constant
Bit worth : 160 Kbps
Waterway(s) : 2 channels
Sampling worth : 44.1 KHz
Gupi Bagha Phire Elo [1991]DivX[Bengali]-ExtraTorrent

ডাউনলোড হওয়ার পর দয়া করিয়া সীড করিবেন...। [/size]

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with hardcoded English subtitle[/size]

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