Tonari no Totoro - My Neighbor Totoro [BluRay] [1080p] [x264] [AC3] [Tri Audio] [Ger-Jap-Eng]

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::: Interaction: Japanese, German, English
::: Subtitles: German, English
::: Video Composition: Mkv
::: Codec: x264
::: Intention: 1920x1040
::: Unmarred: AC3 2.0 192Kbps
::: Bitrate: ~ 15000Kbits
Note :::: Bd Rip by Pate big THX


Excerpt from a reassess from Amazon:
"This is not only one of my favorite childrens films, it«s one of my favorite films aeon. This motion picture is truly magical. It achieves what Disney movies never do -- a wonderful epic without the need to attend to traitorous villains or sagacious-cracking side kicks. In factually, two of the things I deal most impressive and fortifying about My Neighbor Totoro is the use of images rather than talk to thrust the organize and the slower, almost contemplative, pacing of the effectiveness. (This is one children»s motion picture that won«t blast from your TV or yammer at your children!) The first days I saw this motion picture I watched a friend»s pirated VHS ribbon in Japanese. I was instantly mesmerized and was fully able to serve the epic, despite the factually that I did not appreciate a chat the characters said.

And don«t be put off because it is «japanese spiritedness.» This is not your father»s japanese spiritedness. The images of the unperturbed countryside are magnificent. Miazaki«s regard to the little details of duration, like a leaf floating in a beck or raindrops tapping an shield, summon up the simpler, purer times of minority. The children»s invention of the totoro spirits in the old camphor tree recalls a days in every child's duration when black magic seems possible in the mundane crowd. As with other Miyazaki films, there is a titillating flying arrangement. However, this pic is more appropriate for younger viewers than most of his other works, some of which are decidedly mature in kidney despite the factually that they are animated.

As the mommy of a toddler, I really appreciate the option to rely on cliche villians to keep the organize pathetic. However, I should apprise other parents considering this video that the conflicts used to keep the organize pathetic -- the children«s invention of and search for the dust bunny and totoro spirits and Mei»s lust to see her sado-masochistic mommy in the facility which causes her to admit defeat her way in the countryside -- might be upsetting to the littlest viewers without some parental group and chat. Otherwise, I wholeheartedly advise this motion picture whether you're 2 or 200."


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