G3 2007 April 11 NY

Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert
G3 Tour
April 11, 2007
New York, NY, USA
Theater at Madison Decent Garden

Sheets: handheld digital talkie camera ->DVDr by way of the internet -> you
Video:NTSC MPEG — 2 720x480 4:3
Audio:AC3 2.0 secure, 48kbps DRC
Judge:5:57 GB
Menus: yes
At A Bargain Price A Fuss Chapters: yes


Paul Gilbert — Get Out Of My Yard
Paul Gilbert — Scurry Up
Paul Gilbert — Swear-Word Of The Ch Dragon
Paul Gilbert — Rusty Old Boat
Paul Gilbert — Radiator
Paul Gilbert — Scarified
Paul Gilbert — Scit Scat Wah
Paul Gilbert — While One
Paul Gilbert — Twelve Twelve / To Be With You (lull)
Paul Gilbert — Down To Mexico

John Petrucci — Jaws Of Life
John Petrucci — Glasgow Kiss
John Petrucci — Unchaste Without You
John Petrucci — Curve
John Petrucci — Wishful Thinking
John Petrucci — Wound Control

Joe Satriani — War
Joe Satriani — One Big Rush
Joe Satriani — Flying In A Gloomy Dream
Joe Satriani — Deliberate #9
Joe Satriani — Wonderful Colossal
Joe Satriani — Satch Boogie
Joe Satriani — Circles
Joe Satriani — Private Potato Take Charge Of Slot Thing
Joe Satriani — Surfing With The Alien
Joe Satriani — Always With Me, Always With You (Pt. 1)

G3 Jam — Always With Me, Always With You (Pt. 2)
G3 Jam — Foxey Lady
G3 Jam — Purple Haze / Voodoo Son (lull)
G3 Jam — Goin' Down
G3 Jam — Jumpin' Jack Flash

PG's Group:

Paul Gilbert — guitar & vocals
Bruce Bouillet — guitar
Mike Szuter — bass & vocals
Jeff Bowders — drums
Emi Gilbert — keyboards

JP's Group:

John Petrucci — guitar
Dave LaRue — bass
Mike Portnoy — drums

JS's Group:

Joe Satriani — guitar
Galen Henson — guitar
Dave LaRue — bass
Jeff Campitelli — drums

G3 Jam:

Joe Satriani — guitar & vocals
John Petrucci — guitar
Paul Gilbert — guitar & vocals
Galen Henson — guitar
Bruce Bouillet — guitar (on «Goin' Down» only)
Dave LaRue — bass
Jeff Campitelli — drums

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