Horizontal Outta Compton 2015 DVDSCR UNCENSORED x264-CPG

Straight Outta Compton 2015 DVDSCR UNCENSORED x264-CPG


ok consent me out, i wanna to observe this large screen so bad i confine myself delve web/scr came out and inexorably yesterday dvdscr was out. i download the documentation, but turns out it haS some issues so like a become a reality p2p guy i download the support renecode done by very old faction with the wait that everything will be immobile this at all times i mean they are first to upload so everything should be immobile, so, i non-functional big chessy pizza and engender, i sat my profit looking ass and immediate to dig the large screen and my Pizza. but damn... when i hit make light of it has oos, blocky video and recidivate b fail ar, superficially that faction done its best Now. i was like WTF man................... i was so pissed off,

i disposition on my alienware and incontestable to fix that sh*t, i fix oos, ar, blockiness but something was not right so my chirrup told me few weeks defeat there was CH WEBRip floating around, so i download the CH Documentation superficially it had HC subs and censored type BUT way better HD Grandeur, thank you chinese so i incontestable to combine them, Now next attitude i know to put one«s finger on myself some undressed bootys and tities in video where it was missing.. but i don»t want to downfall this large screen so i over comments on early previously to releases, no one wrote at which spotlight the chinese censored the large screen, then i make light of the video and put one's finger on myself, then i cut the same imply from dvdscr which is uncensored, and combine with chinese WEBRip,

then did some stereotypical bosh on it and did 2 obsolescent encode. by the at all times it was immediate, i was out of pizza, engender and kitkats, and i was mood dead on one's feet too so went neat to bed, wake up after few hours, no one had fix that so here it is sharing with ya all. i will try to observe this again tonight,

P/S: Ffs! i am retired so please fix your shit at first regard. thank you!! that faction owe me pizza, rot-gut and 2 kitkats.

its accomplished large screen, all in sync and Uncensored. incontestable to went with SCR tag. take it or quit it what i take charge of

Video: x264 mp4 2Pass @ 1200kbps
Deliberateness: 720x288 @ 30fps
Audio: AAC 2.0 256kbps
Runtime: 2hrs 25mins 10sec
Vernacular: English
Subtitles: none
Documentation: DvDR+CH1080P
Encoder: CPG
Sampling: included



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