Kevin Kelly: How does technology evolve? Like we did

Tech admirer Kevin Kelly asks «What does technology want?» and discovers that its migration toward ubiquity and convolution is much like the advance of existence.

Perhaps there is no one better to intend the sense of cultural variation -- bad? good? too slow? too bold? -- than Kevin Kelly, whose existence fabliau reads like a treatise on the value of technology. Whether by renouncing all palpable things reserve his bicycle (which he then rode 3,000 miles), founding an systematizing (the All-Species Raison D«etre) to catalog all existence on world, or by touting new gadgets in WIRED, Kelly hasn»t stopped exploring the phenomena of industrial and biological creation.

In articles for the Bulwark Lane Roll and the New York Times, among others, he has prominent well-organized breakthroughs, and at the Hanker Now Raison D«etre, where he serves on the cabinet, he champions projects that look 10,000 years into the later. Today Kelly is at line on a tome that asks what appears to be his life»s gist in doubt: «How should I think about new technology when it comes along?»

Kelly discusses the 7th Field at for ages c in depth in the July 18, 2007, printing of

«Thinker, preservationist and philosopher extraordinaire ... A one-man army of nature.»
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