HAMRAAZ(1967)-DVDrip h264.mp4 KS61

HAMRAAZ(1967)-DVDrip h264.mp4 KS61HAMRAAZ (1967)
Mellifluous | Inscrutability | Thriller

HAMRAAZ(1967)-DVDrip h264.mp4 KS61PLOT:
Kumar is a well-known tier actor in Bombay. While on a trek to spectacular Darjeeling, he meets with and falls in amity with, Meena, the only daughter of on easy street military contractor, Verma. Tersely thereafter Kumar and Meena get married and reoccur diggings to Bombay. Four years later Meena«s dad passes away after important her something that he had covert from her for four years. Then a year later, Kumar notices that Meena does not go together with him to the tier anymore, and excuses herself on the disguise of being ill. Tersely thereafter, Meena gets killed, the The Gendarmes distribute this encase of Inspector Ashok who starts his inquiry — which will party that Meena was meet secretly with Captain Mahendra; had been married to Captain Rajesh, and has a daughter by the name of Sarika in an orphanage. All Ashok knows is that the peak is a bearded man by the name of S.N. Sinha who was lurking near Meena»s dwelling on the continuously of the murder...

IMDB rating: 7.2
Overseer: B.R. Chopra
Grower: B.R.Chopra

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Queue estimate: 626 MiB
Duration: 2h 49mn

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ID: 1
Shape: AVC (h264)
Format/Info: Advanced Video Codec
Splash element correlation: 4:3
Duration: 2h 49mn

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ID: 2
Shape: AAC
Format/Info: Advanced Audio Codec
Duration: 2h 49mn
cant: HINDI
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