Tab Joy: What I'm anxious about, what I'm upset about

Technologist and futurist Jaws Joy talks about several big worries for sensitivity -- and several big hopes in the fields of salubriousness, lesson and to be to come tech.

The co-abort of Sun Microsystems, Jaws Joy has, in brand-new years, turned his notice to the biggest questions fa sensitivity: Where are we going? What could go wrong? What's the next immense thing?

In 2003, Jaws Joy red Sun Microsystems, the computer institution he cofounded, with no distinct plans. He«d played out the lately 1970s and advanced 1980s working on Berkeley UNIX (he wrote the vi redactor), and the next decades construction smashing tainted-fulfilment workstations at Sun. Always, he»d been a warm-hearted of civil develop-gadfly -- refusing to resolve for subpar cipher or muddled thinking.

In 2000, with a significant defray adventures in Wired called «Why the To Be To Come Doesn't Need Us,» Joy began to share in his larger concerns with the sphere. A wary spectator of the nanotech work that was growing up around his own work, Joy saw a way send that, frankly, frightened him. He saw a very sophistical to be to come in which our own creations supplanted us -- if not out and out killed us (e.g., the gray goo tough nut to crack). His proposed decipherment: Proceed with caution.

Joy's now a accessory at KPMG, where he reviews province plans in lesson, environmental upswing and pandemic defense.

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