Ernest Madu: Bringing men-sort well-being mindfulness to the poorest

Dr. Ernest Madu runs the Enthusiasm Organization of the Caribbean in Kingston, Jamaica, where he proves that -- with well-organized envision, ingenious complicated choices, and a exact covet to of advantage to -- it's possible to forth fantastic-breeding healthcare in the developing fantastic.

Ernest Madu founded the Enthusiasm Organization of the Caribbean, a extremist clinic for cardiovascular diseases in Kingston, Jamaica -- extremist for sacrifice first-breeding condition supervision look after in a developing realm. His next pull up: Nigeria.

Why you should mind to him:

Dr. Ernest Chijioke Madu believes that people in the developing fantastic have a right to fantastic-breeding condition supervision look after. At his three Enthusiasm Organization of the Caribbean clinics --in Kingston and Mandeville, Jamaica, and in the Cayman Islands -- he delivers more than $1 million a year in unshackle or reduced-supervision look after treatment, a pithy contribution in an compass where 56% of sanitarium deaths are caused by cardiovascular affliction.

Now Dr. Madu is hoping to convey HIC’s line of work and achievements into other low-resource nations. His next goal is Nigeria, his home ground motherland, where the Enthusiasm Organization of West Africa is scheduled to unclosed in 2009. Though AIDS and malaria are stupendous factors for Africa, Dr. Madu emphasizes the consequence of treating cardiovascular affliction, which is the second peerless cause of liquidation in sub-Saharan Africa, after HIV/AIDS, and the peerless cause of liquidation for people over 30.

Dr. Madu's drudgery on noninvasive figuring of coronary artery affliction in fleshy individuals has become a benchmark evaluating tool.

«Dr Madu has shown that in an interconnected fantastic, technology, judgement and the considerate (I’d say Nigerian mind) mind can assist mould the speciously preposterous, possible.»

Chikwe Ihekweazu, at Nigeria Condition Watch

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