The Abandoned Unit - Documentary.mp4

The Abandoned Unit — Documentary.mp4

BBC Documentary — 2013 (57 Mins.)

The Misspent Platoon

Luke Langley is 22 and he«s going to Afghanistan for the second rhythm. The first rhythm Langley went to war in 2009 his group held an hidden fort resonant in no man»s win. 7 Platoon's commander was Lieutenant Identify Evison, a rising luminary in the Welsh Guards. At the rhythm, British forces were overstretched in one of the most risky areas of Helmand.

In his chronicle Identify wrote: «We are walking on a tightrope... injuries will be unchanged which I will not be able to conduct towards and deaths could materialize which could have been stopped.» 7 Platoon's lifeline was the talent to draw up penetrating firepower at a few minutes’ regard. This veil is about the day that lifeline failed and seventh group had to oppose alone.

In the source of 2009 the Welsh Guards took over a twine of distant bases in southern Helmand. Identify Evison and his group were assigned to a fort known as Haji Alem. Evison was delayed by a brief bug, but 7 Group went on to Haji Alem without him. Like many British soldiers before them, they recorded their war on video. Few in 7 Group had seen duel, most were no more than out of their teens.

Haji Alem was four kilometers from the predominant flip operating contemptible in the precinct. A few kilometers down the course was the biggest Taliban fortification in Afghanistan. On 7 Platoon«s first day at Haji Alem shots were fired from across the canal. In the crossfire the son of a village patriarch had been hit. It was a fifteen before you can say »jack robinson' journey from Haji Alem to the operating theater Lodge Bastion... 30k away.

The next day Identify Evison arrived at Haji Alem to take have of his group. 7 Group had been at Haji Alem a week when Evison took them on their first greater protecting. Their convey would take them just a few hundred meters from the fort. The protecting moved down irrigation ditches which carried not wash lavishly to the opium fields....


The Abandoned Unit — Documentary.mp4

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