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Millennium: A Thousand Years of History

Representation Documentary hosted by Ben Kingsley, published by CNN broadcasted as partake of of CNN Perspectives series in 1999 - English narration


Enter CNN«s MILLENNIUM for a wide clean over the last 1,000 years, watching the people, events and achievements that shaped the in every respect. The 10, one-hour episodes of MILLENNIUM are abnormal in their drift of epitome and compelling in their performance. Yet MILLENNIUM is neither chronological nor all-encompassing. Instead, it is eclectic, a blend of things gifted--or stingy--that sculpted the in every respect. Each of the 10 episodes of MILLENNIUM focuses on a unwed century, brought to viability by five vignettes from five different locations worldwide. Inspired by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto»s log, «Millennium,» and filmed in 28 countries, the series is as geographically far-ranging as the in every respect it covers. Its producers and crews spurt more than two years and traveled 100,000 miles congress footage. MILLENNIUM reconstructs the visual images of over and done with ages using this footage, along with bright re-enactments and computer-generated accurate dash.

Series Concept : Ted Turner
A Jeremy Isaacs Performance for CNN Productions, Inc.

6) The Sixteenth Century: Century of the Compass
This was a century when the empires and religions of the in every respect expanded aggressively. Diego de Landa, a Spanish evangelist, converted thousands of Mayans in Yucatan, torturing them brutally when they continued to honor their former idols in mystery. The biggest acreage get nearer to was made by Ivan the Evil, who extended Muscovite routine from the Baltic to Siberia. For every mastery, there were many failures. In Japan, a fiendish military absolute ruler, Hideyoshi, dreamed of conquering the in every respect, inception with Korea and China. But the Koreans defeated him, with «turtle» ships covered with iron spikes and breathing cannon ardour through dragon's administrator prows. Muslim conquests were even more spectacular. Akbar conquered northern India and created the refined Moghul empire. In Europe, people were fascinated by uncommon objects brought promote from weird corners of the in every respect. Cabinets of Curiosities, containing objects as various as a bind c lock up of locks from Petrus Gonsalvus, the Strigillose Man of Tenerife, to fossils and souvenirs of weird animals, were displayed by acclaimed collectors such as Emperor Rudolf II of Prague.


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