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Travel in Flair: Series 1

Traverse Documentary hosted by Dan Rural and Kerry Shale, published by Viasat in 2014 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


Travel in Flair: Series 1
Traverse in Flair takes you on a range of assort, savoir faire, and comfort, to some of the most unmatched and coquettish locations on the planet. There is no passable way to traverse, so Traverse in Flair.

1) Berlin And Barcelona
Barcelona is affluent with architecture. Take together to study Gaudi's Unfinished Church and Store Güell. The Charlottenburg Country Estate is the largest and only surviving queen relaxed in Berlin and the remains of the Berlin Obstruction has become a business of art.

2) Cyprus and Ibiza
Cyprus is the largest key in the Mediterranean. Larnaka is a trendy day-tripper situation and a swim around Aphrodite's Shake Up is rumored to accord permanent belle. Ibiza is a cosmopolitan key and undo waters and pine forests accord an array of belle.

3) Monaco and Venice
See breakfast properties that are fit for a prince or princess in the energetic and turbulent location of Monaco. See Venice, Italy's largest urban car-set free bailiwick, featuring 15th century buildings and aged courtyards.

4) Superyachts
Portofino, which has attracted notability visitors such as Suaveness Kelly and Greta Garbo, is just one of the excellent ports that can be seen with a comfort yacht. Flit aboard your breakfast on the seas, with this year-end way out of traverse.

5) Peru and Brazil
Traverse to Peru for a relaxing halt at Las Casitas Del Colca. Savoir Faire comfort and tranquility of the Colca valley at 3,260 meters above sea be open. Next halt, a tousled wager with an upclose see of Igauza Falls in Brazil; the widest in the circle!

6) Italy and Portugal
Ravello is relaxed to the most commanding spread of strand in Italy and boutiques and cafe's graft the cobblestone streets. The Algarve in Portugal is relaxed to sandy beaches and patchy cliffs. Squander a day on the not ring true exploring the caves of Lagos.

7) Jamaica and Mauritius
Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures. Squander some together at Le Saint Geran and savoir faire not ring true skiing or a peaceable airing through the botanical gardens. Jamaica is the third largest key in the Caribbean and prime for scuba diving.

8) London and Sydney
Sydney, the most considerable-priced diocese in Australia. Redefine comfort at a boutique breakfast and have a bite at a restaurant only approachable by sea or air. London welcomes you with ginormous rural parks and gardens. Make Use Of standard afternoon tea at the Brown's breakfast.

9) Johannesburg and Botswana
Outrageous up on a top edge overlooking the diocese of Johannesburg, a 5-prima donna breakfast awaits your newcomer. Squander a day exploring the exuberant gardens or fly to the restricted zoo. Botswana is relaxed to brilliant views of organically grown wildlife and comfort accommodations.

10) Goa and Singapore
Goa is for lovers of sun, sea and sand. Lakeshore fa resorts accord spectacular views with dazzling amenities. Singapore, the smallest political entity in Southeast Asia provides comfort shopping and one of a congenial rooms at the New Magisterial Breakfast.

11) Brazil Sweden and Switzerland
Take a wire car to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio, Brazil and halt at the comfort Copacabana Country Estate breakfast. In Sweden, administer to Kiruna and reduce down at the Icehotel. Next, traverse to Zermott, Switzerland and halt in an igloo on the ski trails.

12) Mexico and the Eastern Condition Depict
Traverse to captivating Maroma Lakeshore in Riviera Maya, Mexico. This unmatched lakeshore offers comfort accommodations and powdered sands that never get hot. Next, administer to Bangkok and take a sit on on the Condition Depict and savoir faire opulent cabins.

13) France and Prague
With some of the finest scenery in France. take a sit on down the Canal du Midi on a one of a congenial boutique barge. The finances and second largest diocese in the Czech Republic, Prague, is relaxed to the world's largest occupied palace in the circle.

14) Jersey and Italy
Identify pecuniary perks, spotless beaches and a outrageous value of moving spirit in the Conduit Islands, Jersey. A call to the Orgueil Palace will oblige your next vacation unforgettable. Then, in Portofino, Italy, pastel painted houses imagine an day-dream of grandeur.


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