F!!k Off, Google! New Documentary 2015 {irish444}.mp4

F!!k Off, Google! New Documentary 2015 {irish444}.mp4

Documentary — (53 Mins.)

F**k Off, Google!

This is a register of the emergent resistance against abuses in the Tech industry.

In the the of April, 2015, a tack went up on indybay.org for an antiquated morning effectiveness to obstruct the tech buses at the MacArthur BART place. The boy of effectiveness was set for May 1st, or Intercontinental Workers Day. This fete commemorates the accomplishment of several Chicago anarchists in 1886. These men fought for the eight-hour day, a meager end that would allow workers to have a little term for themselves. For their efforts, the shape sentenced these anarchists to death.

The monogram tack on indybay.org was then posted on Facebook. After two weeks, nearly five hundred people said they would audit the MacArthur blockade. As May 1st drew closer, the mainstream media got play with fire of the anyhow and began match articles on the internet. Just before the blockade was to take quarters, a clubby Google worker in the know us that Google had canceled its buses for May 1st, but that one particular bus would still run that day. It was the bus off near the estate-and-rag on 7th and Merchandise in West Oakland. Google employees who animate in the Contra Costa suburbs estate their cars near this bus off and then catch a rag down to Mountain Point Of View. If this bus off could be blockaded as well, the Google bus routes in the East Bay would be categorically stifle down. The information continues...

Some people decry any contention towards techies, saying that they are workers too, or everyone is liberate to do what they like. Our video will excuse why this is not so. We will not use our own words to excuse our come what may. The voices of others is adequate for that rationale. The genuineness is noticeable. (The Indiscernible Cabinet)

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