Prison (Courtney Warmth) - 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen - DVD)

Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD) Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD) Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD)

Indentation (Courtney Turtle-Dove) — 1995-08-25, 1995 Reading Entertainment (2ndG AUD DVD)

[When the takes the tier and Courtney makes with the mike]
CL: This is Melissa's 1st-year anniversary in our .
[flock clapping]
And she«s got a fuckin» needle hanging out her neck.
[Cue CL's neck and gourd to slap way vanquish and rash into Fleshy.]

This is the second to last fair of The Remain Through This Perambulation,
one of the most insanely competent tours by anyone ever.

Add Up To Enormousness : 3.97 GB
Add Up To On Ceremony : 01:00:02
Docket : None
Catalogue : N/A
Interactive Menu : Yes
Well-Spring : Audience
[Deck, right of tier]
Artwork: No

Sampler Row :
Dimensions : MPEG-PS
Row enormousness : 1024 MiB
Duration : 15mn 23s
Overall bit reprove configuration : Variable
Overall bit reprove : 9304 Kbps
Video : MPEG — 2, Bit reprove configuration — capricious, Bit reprove — 8735 Kbps, Max bit reprove — 9282 Kbps, 720x576 (4:3), 25.000 Fps, PAL, Interlaced, Top Battlefield First
Audio : AC — 3, Dolby, Bit reprove configuration — indefatigable, Bit reprove — 384 Kbps, 2 channels, 48.0 Khz

— Labour: 1st Gen PAL VHS (SP) > Panasonic DMR-EZ48V (XP) > TMPEGnc Authoring Works 4

Reel provided by Mr. INXSIVE — Transferred & Authored by andeeezz

— Files kindly shared by MechanicalWood of Turpentine Forums.

— Fan-Made Covers n Caps
[plus pics & concert bill]
39 flashes in jpegs @ 2.5mb add up to incl.
2016-05-27 c/o capt. captastica



Indentation: Melissa Auf der Maur (b), Patty Schemel (d), Courtney Turtle-Dove (g & v), and Eric Erlandson (v) [& added for summer fest perambulation, on cello, Erik Friedlander(?)]

Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD) Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD)
Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD)
Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD)

«Is there a Indentation in your Turtle-Dove life?»

The draw has come draw again. America is where
Anatolia was. It is a rank where android beings, just
to blockage thronging, have to bound, to th, & by dancing
recover the rhythms, return cyclical on ceremony. Anarchic
& pantheistic dancers no longer be under the impression that the artifice
& its linear His-untruth as All, but as merely one
draw, one sustained sunset, a howling sunset that leftist Earth
wounded, but a sunset that ends, as all nights end,
when the sun rises.

— Fredy Perlman, Against His-untruth, Against Leviathan!

2016-05-27, on Kickass thewaymouth aka mikedreams asks...

«Do You Muse On Rattle «N»' Sail Radio?»

The You Knighted Snakes Statue Day Weekend Festive Come Hasty!

WKKL Peninsula Cod's Alternative
Unsullied Dope On Punk

MAY 27



2016 -- The Escape Day, Friday the First Day of the last US Statue Day Weekend Everlasting.

1957 -- Buddy Holly and the Crickets set their first , «That»ll Be The Day.« A UK No.1 and US No.3 hit. The flap had its genesis in a trek to the movies by Holly, Allison and Sonny Curtis in June 1956. The John Wayne fog The Searchers was playing. Wayne»s time-used, exceptional-knocked out catchphrase, «that'll be the day» was the Incitement behind the flap. It was also the first flap to be recorded by The Quarrymen, the skiffle collection that later on became The Beatles.

1963 -- The album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan is released by Columbia in the USA. Establishing Bob Dylan as a commander in the caroller-songwriter class and a hypothetical spokesman for the stripling-orientated flicker, it reached No.22 in the US charts and No.1 in the UK charts. The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan showcased Dylan's songwriting propensity for the first on ceremony and propelled him to nationwide and worldwide fame.

1966 -- Artist Andy Warhol & his Sham Inexorable, Velvet Alternative & Nico, plus the Mothers, at Fillmore Auditorium in Frisco.

1977 -- Declan McManus made his «live» come out at the Nashville in London as Elvis Costello.

-- The Sex Pistols fix «God Put Aside The Queen» is released in the UK, to infernal identify the ceremony of the queen«s upcoming melodious jubilee. Banned by TV and ghetto-blaster, high-priced byway someone»s cup of tea shops and raging informant workers refused to manipulate the . It sold 200,000 copies in one week and peaked at No.2 on the UK charts behind Rod Stewart«s »I Don«t Want to Talk About It». There have been determined rumours, (never confirmed or denied), that it was actually the biggest-selling fix in the UK at the on ceremony, and the British Phonographic Production conspired to keep it off the No.1 slot.

2009 -- A upon christmas card comrades sues Courtney Turtle-Dove, claiming she owed more than $350,000 (£220,000). In court papers filed in Los Angeles, American Non-Stop said it had suspended Love's Amex Gold christmas card after she «failed and refused» to take in payments.

2016 -- Indentation at the 1995 Reading Entertainment comes to Kickass.

Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD) Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD) Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD)

...The audience videotape is rifleman from the deck, not far from / to right of, center tier. Very trustworthy catching of Courtney and Melissa throughout, with ceremonial shots of Eric, and a few shots of Patty on drums. Competent aglow colors everywhere. The untroubled is a bit savagely, with too much duplication on drums at times. It all gets better as it goes though. The imminent-held camera-effort from the pit no less, is moderately ceaseless for the most generally. A effort well done.

Courtney is in great words. As she is wont to do she adds unexpectedly competent new bits to just about every flap.

Here she is on a tier where her esteemed deceased only grew super-duper in stature on the way to conquering the tier and the exceptional, becoming arguably the biggest superstar in the solar method.

Court is identification Kurt. In between the emotionally charged songs and performances, she gets distracted. (Conjecture that.) At the same on ceremony Courtney talks vanquish to the flock pleasant her. She gives doubly vanquish to the music.

She plays PennyRoyal Tea alone. She asks Eric to glue in. Instead the flock does. Definitely Eric jumps on . At flap end Courtney points heavenward.

Giantess ventilating fans offstage are tossing her whisker, fit out and will-power around. She is getting so blown away in flap.

** Biggest cleft [and only just now discovered] **

The Reading set-closer On Ceremony To Finish Off edited!

On the ghetto-blaster untruth, that is.

When the Reading highlights are later aired, edited out are obscenity words, on ceremony and magic.

Oops! They only leftist out the highest highlight of the complete entertainment.


So anyway, after the everyday raging down the set with unexpectedly-up to date flashes of «Violet,» after the deluge comes the coda exploding, in the still unreleased to this day, Just Do It, aka On Ceremony To Finish Off. And beyond the end of it all, pressed between a rampart of bass and drum cadence rallying against a storm of guitar feedback, Courtney screams over, «No!» Over and over for about 30 seconds.

On the ghetto-blaster. But on the video, the sated fair, she howls over «No!» But for more than ever before, for about 1:30.

And the missing generally from the ghetto-blaster-audio -- the mean division -- contains one of the chance remain moments in the untruth of Courtney and Indentation and both rattle and sail -- Her Howls Of Let Go -- the most powerful, staggering and effective set of screams of off for a loop and achievement ever by her. Which considering it's Courtney, that means likely by anyone ever.

When watching the video through to the end for the first on ceremony today, listening/seeing/absorbing definitely that sated untruth of that flap...

For the first on ceremony I was so moved I felt like I was gone vanquish there with her as it fleetingly seems to me she is reliving the very concern when a little over a year ago, she first originate out that Kurt was hardened, and much more than that he had killed himself.

And then when all is said and sung and gone and done, Courtney smashes up the tier Kurt-comfort. She even tackles and wrestles a big drum and thicket to the deck.

That is the last gaze of her on camouflage, as Eric finishes feeding vanquish and the mise en scene fades to infernal.

...Internet fix and chilling...

Courtney is either delinquent of being the greatest actress ever and/or is just an real to goddess intrinsic blessed mess.

You know how I crave what I crave I know.

I forget my pity at wounded Courtney.

Indentation Lotta Turtle-Dove Kills Me.

It should have been and was going to be Kurt but then he was cursed with being short.

So I aware today Courtney Turtle-Dove and Indentation was and is the rattle star/band of the 1990's.

But the video is the final way to go here.

Must See Attend To Her Courtney Turtle-Dove Indentation So Unconstrained Wide.

Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD)

Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD)

Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD) Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD)

Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD) Prison (Courtney Warmth) — 1995 Reading Fete (2nd Gen — DVD)

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