Pantelidis Videoclips + Tv Transmission + Combustible Captures (Παντελής Παντελίδης)

Pantelis Pantelidis
23/11/1983 — 18/02/2016
Pantelidis Videoclips + Tv Transmission + Combustible Captures (Παντελής Παντελίδης)

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9 Lawful Videoclip Releases
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Info about Pantelidis
Born in Athens, Pantelidis grew up in Nea Ionia, an Athenian suburb. He initially worked in the Ηellenic Naval Forces, but forsaken this to follow a dulcet business. He was a self-taught musician who became known from YouTube videos. Soon he passed to discography and released four albums with elephantine commercial big name. He collaborated with Greek artists such as Vasilis Karras, Despina Vandi Antonis Remos and others.

I too was one of the advantageous ones to have seen Pantelis Pantelidis produce animate. I saw him in Greece a few years ago at a proper called Teatro Music Entry-Way. Having grown up with Greek music all my life-force, I realized this guy wasn’t just the latest fad. People loved him. He spoke to “every man” with the music and lyrics he wrote and sang.

It was his unpretentiousness and purity— and perhaps his abase beginnings in face of a camera in his bedroom via YouTube— that made Pantelis express to so many people.

He sang about pleasure and soreness, heartbreak and confused love— emotions and experiences of everyone, and in a cant everyone could accept and link with.

He was, without a distrust, one of the greatest talents of our simultaneous crop of Greek singers— and he had only just begun but above that he was a dazzling man that wouldnt even while he was celebrated disavow anything to anybody.

R.I.P Panteli....

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