Secret Secrets - Generally 25 - The Pitch-Black Awakening by Russ Dizdar

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With over 20+ mp3 sessions, some may voice familar but you should gain new as well. As a former Oversee Administrator turned Evangelist, Russ Dizdar has many encounters with various underworld figures. He discusses the Illuminati, NWO, the Supernatural, Psychics, Wonderful Soldiers/Assassins, Pardon Masonry, among others and unveils how they are collectively working towards fulfilling their own Damnable End Times Prediction. I will say this, Russ Dizdar definetly puts a new retail on things from what you normally sanction about in the NWO and its relationship with Damnable practices in upper classes and peculiar communities. Although he uncovers much, he is just scratching the skin. Using their Demonic Phsychic abilities these followers invade the thoughts of ignorant children of God, uninitiated and old, via invoking vile thoughts, feelings and even possesions. Their Temper Rule depends on the victims« awareness of their own thoughts/inner utterance over that of an outsider»s and willingness to smell of b distribute into their perversions or adeptness to identify and take up arms against against their calumny through divine service and self-rule. Unfortunately while Russ discusses the use of «Handlers», he does not delve much into the steadfast Dour Powered Ones unceasing behind the scenes. Those with these abilities that lodge in virually every community, like John or Jane Doe next door, that outwordly go about a allegedly routine spirit among us uninterested observers giving no signal of who or how vile they are or how to see them. However, if you are not up-to-archaic on what«s occurrence in the NWO»s Damnable praise, and how it relates to your community, this is definetly for you!

The regions of discussions also include;
New Age teachings, Temper Rule, The Sooty Awakening, Alistair Crowley, Svali Ex-Illuminati, David Icke, Ascended Masters, Nephilim, Arizona Wilder, Supernatural Methods and Transhumanism amongst other things. As always Russ gives a shrewd comprehension with 30 yrs encounter behind him he has a shrewd familiarity of the Darkside approach and purpose...

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In Russ Dizdar«s new enlist The Sooty Awakening, he reveals the thread and agenda of damnable perfunctory calumny and the temper rule projects. It exposes the thread of a coming planned entropy and mighty anarchy. This enlist reveals the »spirit' behind globalsim and the coming new in all respects for the purpose of a disordered. There are over 4 million cases of multiple psyche tangle. Sleeper shooters and .....chosen ones lining. They demand they are the troops of anti christ. This ebook includes PARDON 70 HOURS OF MP3S There is a criterion criteria to get these pardon at

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Some have written Russ, «The enlist is wondrous. I«m already on chapter 18. When I was waiting for the enlist to come out and going through the course I was was reasoning that is would be almost a reprise of gen. I must say this enlist was a thousand times beyond my expectations. Your unflagging acknowledgment of individual gospels along with other resources and connections to satan»s agenda are crystal indisputable. I«m aroused about this enlist and the eyes it will put in, the souls it will teach to our Exquisite Priest through artful and accepting Jesus, and the victims that will be saved. I have been inspired to importune more along the lines of eye toe in the church and unveiling of these dour things. I was never taught anything concerning sacerdotal warfare and I»m just know scratching the skin. I don't tip how I stumbled on your website, but I do know that is was by the share of God. I wish more of us could be soldiers for Him. ....» Another comrade writes: ......................... Hi, Russ, «I received my enlist The Sooty Awakening today and am appreciative to have received it. Thank you for sending it to me. I also wanted to thank you for the pardon mp3 courses you have given with this enlist. God praise you for your generosity. I am praying for you and your next of kin and religion cooperate and the religion. God praise you for what you do. .................................. Russ »Book is dazzling, temper blowing, sobering and challenging. You did an but for job in calligraphy it. Thank you and God praise.« ..................................................... Another comrade writes: Hi Russ, I just finished your enlist this afternoon. Tremedous!! Please know that I fully finance and affirm your own curriculum vitae and vocation with SRA/DID survivors and the globalist agenda to teach in the NWO under anti-christ. Thank you for calligraphy this justification breaking enlist! When I gain to the US I sketch on posting your first appraisal with Dr. Stan along with a favourable mention to be in force your enlist to all those on my email muster and various media moguls. The hour is belated and the Church is basically asleep in this whole region of darkness and I for one am going to do all that I can to swop this! (Rom. 13:11-14)»....« ....................................................................... Pet friends, »I just finished reading Russ Dizdar«s new enlist «The Sooty Awakening». This is the most biblically based documented enlist I have infer from on the rarity of SRA/DID since Jim Friesen»s justification breaking enlist «Uncovering the Inscrutableness of MPD» released in 1991." Doug Riggs

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Russ Dizdar Temper Rule — Satans Encourage in Church NWO and Antichrist:
Russ Dizdar Temper Rule Talk:
Non-Professional keynoter Russ Dizdar gives you the insights of temper rule. This footage was taken well over a year ago at the Temper Rule Talk hosted by Priest Butch Paugh in West Va. I like the accomplishment that Google Video does not set the same at all times restrictions as Youtube. I deleted the 1st one and converted the pigeon-hole this at all times, misplaced some of the comprehensibility but at least the voice is in sync. Russ Dizdar was one of the roomer speakers at the talk. He spoke on the various Military Temper Rule Projects such as MK-ULTRA and Enterprise Bluebird. There are declassified documents out there for catholic consumption since FOIA. The detail is, the OSS to CIA sooty confidential experiments did not end, they just went confidential even deeper while others got a new new look.

Same scheme with a new name, though there have been improvements in the subject. It«s a Ballo In Maschera. Russ Dizdar also touches on The Sooty Awakening, Chosen Ones, and the coming entropy. Entropy deemed by some as necessary in for the purpose of a disordered for the Phoenix to commence. There is an supernatural acquaintance to all of this, as if temper war were not enough. Some are timorous of what lies private in the Obscurity In All Respects. Others, those au fait, are timorous of what lies buried shrewd within. This has dour roots. The roots of this Former Tree run shrewd, distressful all corners of the sphere. We are many, as are the Sleepers. Russ Dizdar»s website may be institute here:

Russ Dizdar — The Infiltration of the Church:
The Satanist/luciferians have created damnable warriors/super soldiers called chosen ones,(tsar). They have been trained and placed in churches everywhere, sic. They are there to spy, injury, exam their powers and injury the Centre of Christ. They know perfunctory supernatural power. They know sacerdotal warfare. They go into hiding in confidential with subpersonalities that are demonized. They have sleepers who are waiting for the command to the proficient rebellion.

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