The Ant Browbeat Espanol-Spanish Only

This is the item of a ten-year-old boy named Lucas Nickle, who has just moved to a new neighborhood, has no friends, and is the aim for the neighbouring hector and his company. His parents are leaving for a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, so they are too bustling to turn up at to his problems. His sister is distracted by her cellular phone, and the grandmother is obsessed with UFOs and aliens. Lucas is constantly being pulsate up by the corpulent yet intimidating neighborhood hector. Because he cannot cross swords with abet, he takes out his madden on an anthill in his face yard; He kicks it, stomps it, squirts it with his soda water gun, and floods it with a hose. This terrifies the ants, who collect Lucas the Destroyer. One wizard ant, known as Zoc being a rosy and intrepid class, is trying to answer this quandary. He tries to formulate a charming brew that he believes will answer all their problems. As the chart to cringe Lucas down to their weight with a charming brew and forcing him to live out like an ant within the colony--an astonishing new epoch opens up to him. Lucas learns, first-part, the value of intimacy and teamwork, fundamentally primary the ants in an toil to conserve their colony from annihilation. And in the organize, Lucas obtains the things he wants most: friends, society, acceptance and the nerve to last through up for himself. Written by Anthony Pereyra {}

Lucas Nickle«s the new kid in burgh and the neighbouring hector, Steve, makes sure he knows it. Lucas gets so fed up with being bullied, he takes out his frustration on ants in his backyard in joyous ways, like squirting them with his garden hose or stamping on the ant hill. The ants are understandably fed up with this and Zoc the ant wizard uses a brew to cringe him down to ant weight! Lucas is sentenced to bitter labor in the ruins and learns to be more compassionate to ants. He becomes an ant fellow, then must become an ant star when Stan Beals, the neighbouring trial check guy, who»s an even bigger hector, comes to wipe out the unreserved colony. An «ants vs trial control» engagement ensues and Zoc reluctantly accepts that Lucas may be the ants' only come about of survival. Written by movieguy3

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