George Michael & Elton John-Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

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«Don«t Let The Sun Go Down On Me» is the first distinct from British musician Elton John»s 1974 album Caribou; it was released that year during the latter half of May in the Combined Province, and on June 10 in the Combined States. The multitude cheaply was written by John and his collaborator Bernie Taupin, and produced by Gus Dudgeon. It was written in the key of C major.

As affluent as the 1974 data had been, it was as a duet with George Michael that «Don«t Let The Sun Go Down on Me» had its greatest outcome. The join had performed the multitude cheaply at the Lively Aid concert in 1985. Recorded lively at a concert at Wembley Circus, London on Parade 25, 1991 when Elton John was a dumbfound patron of George Michael, the duet became a massy hit on both sides of the Atlantic. It was released later that year and reached multitude one on the UK singles for two weeks in December 1991 and a distinct week on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 1992. The multitude cheaply was the only #1 distinct of the today»s era to be recorded at an outdoors venue.

The footage used for the music video of the multitude cheaply was not taken from the same concert. «The video was actually snort over several days,» confirms Michael Pagnotta, George«s publicist. "It was snort in an airline hangar in Burbank where George had been rehearsing; Elton came in for a gloaming and they ran through the multitude cheaply a of times. Then the multitude cheaply was filmed in its fullness lively in Chicago in the midriff of October as division of that Wrapper to Wrapper walk, and when Elton came out from the wings, that hamlet went meshuga. It appears on John»s Lover Songs compilation.

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