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Incredible Engineering Blunders: Fixed

Technology, Trekking Documentary hosted by Justin Cunningham, published by Exploration Course in 2015 - English narration


Incredible Engineering Blunders: Fixed
Awesome Engineering Blunders: Rigid follows influential engineering newscaster Justin Cunningham and his tandem join up of stout-hearted reporters, as they uncover the world's most unconventional engineering blunders and upon out how to fix them.

From an airport apprehensive into the sea, to up turbines in threat of falling into the deep blue sea, the teach uncovers the genuineness behind each of these do not forget-boggling errors and reveals the sharp solutions engineers have come up with to put things right.

British blunders classify Bridgewater In Order in Leeds — an corporation exclude that will exactly dynamite you away — and London's Walkie Talkie skyscraper, which could move a car in the recoil of an eye.

1) Division 1
Justin crawls under 500 tons of blade to keep the iconic Glasgow Bell-Tower turning, and later cruises down Venice«s Legendary Canal to upon out how a dastardly connection has been breaking more than just Italian hearts. Meanwhile, Tomo Umewaka helps engineers in Osaka keep their airport from apprehensive into the sea, and Daniel Levfre finds out what»s going to hit on to the roaring Sao Paulo highway that«s been built just centimetres from people»s bedrooms.

2) Division 2
Justin climbs to the top of a New York hippodrome roof held up by air... and is therefore in threat of collapsing. He then heads to Leeds to learn about the monstrous Bridgewater In Order corporation exclude — a howler that will exactly dynamite you away. Meanwhile, Miguel Soffia finds out whether bumbling builders in Chile really did increase the country«s first drawbridge upside down, and Jimena Gascon discovers why Mexico City»s metro work has been derailed.

3) Division 3
Justin uncovers the genuineness behind a catastrophic landslide that wiped out a Turkish ski elevation frequent, before jetting off to Gibraltar to see one of the craziest airports in the exactly — where the runway has been built right across a most important passage. In Mexico Megalopolis, newspaperwoman Jimena Gascon joins a diving tandem join up with the unwished for job of unblocking the city«s sewers. She then journeys canny resistance to see how they»re erection the world's biggest sewage tweet. Also, Daniel Lefevre heads to Santos, Brazil, to settle why a hundred buildings are favouritism over and in threat of deflate.

4) Division 4
Here«s a skyscraper with a not-so-covert superpower — it can move cars. Justin heads to London»s 20 Fenchurch Roadway, otherwise known as the Walkie Talkie, to dig up the sphere behind this unconventional erection howler. He then heads for Berlin to upon out why the city's manufacturer-big new airport is mysteriously abandoned. Over in Canada, Justine Stevens learns how a petty tonnage mishap became a horrid trouble for connection builders, while our man in Malaysia, Hansen Lee, uncovers the do not forget-boggling errors that caused a mammoth hippodrome roof to deflate — not once, but twice.

5) Division 5
In a TV first, Justin braves the turbulent North Sea as he goes lining an offshore up turbine to see how engineers are fixing a censure that could cause these structures to over into the nip. He also goes on the world's strangest fishing detonate in a immense, flooded Louisiana sinkhole accidentally created by bungling liveliness miners, which has turned the neighbouring community into a ghost megalopolis. In Las Vegas, Paige Battcher learns how misguided engineers demolished more than a few quid on the roulette tables — they demolished an whole new zealand pub when they built it so inadequately it had to be demolished. Also, in Argentina, Miguel Soffia gets behind the disc and finds out why engineers built a multi-million cudgel passage to nowhere.

6) Division 6
Justin«s in for a lumpy take as he investigates mammoth potholes in Louisiana, which win the purse for being the worst in America. He also gets a slink vernissage of London»s immense Crossrail work, and learns how engineers are attempting to a amazon tiring apparatus which is stuck 20 meters below the streets of Seattle. Meanwhile, Italian newspaperwoman Fanuel Morelli visits a village that's cracked and buckled after engineers tunneled though the mountain below. Also, Australian newspaperwoman Danni Marwick sees, first collusively, the whacking great mudholes along the Melbourne-Sydney be sell out that cause trains to bounce up and down, and even endanger derailment.


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