Umrao Jaan 1981 Hindi Untouched DVD9 Esubs Spectre

Umrao Jaan 1981 Hindi Untouched DVD9 Esubs Phantom

In Faizabad, British India, Daroga Dilawar is sentenced to several years in quod after Amiran«s dad testifies against him. After his let off around 1840, he extracts his wholeheartedly by abducting Amiran and selling to a sporting house madam. It is here Amiran will be re-named Umrao Jaan. Years later, Umrao has grown up and is an skilled poetess as well as dancer astonishing. She has many patrons, chief amongst them are Nawab Sultan and his dad. The callow Nawab is enamoured by Umrao»s dream and her poems, but is inexorably phoney to couple a callow lady of his mother's preference, leaving behind a magnanimity-conditioned and devastated Umrao, who seeks fighter in the arms of Faiz Ali and inexorably elopes with him, only to learn out that he is a wanted bandit, and is conjecture down and killed by guards. Umrao re-locates to Lucknow where she establishes herself as a Lyricist and dancer, but is hunted down by sporting house-keepers, Gohar Mirza and Husseini and brought undeveloped, where she is told that she must couple Gohar.

The soundtrack was composed by Khayyam and the lyrics were penned by Shahryar. Several songs from the skin, sung by Asha Bhosle, are considered classics of filmi music: «Dil cheez kya hai», «Justuju Jiski Thi», «In ankhon ki masti», and "Yeh kya jagah hai dostonΓÇ│.

1981 Chauvinistic Skin for Best Actress: Rekha
1981 Chauvinistic Skin for Best Female Playback Minstrel:Asha Bhosle
1981 Chauvinistic Skin for Best Music Charge Instructions: Khayyam
1981 Chauvinistic Skin for Best Art Charge Instructions: Manzur
1981 Filmfare Best Impresario -Muzaffar Ali
1981 Filmfare Best Music Impresario -Khayyam

Rekha — Amiran
Seema Sathyu -Callow Amiran
Farooq Shaikh — Nawab Sultan
Naseeruddin Shah — Gohar Mirza
Raj Babbar — Faiz Ali
Gajanan Jagirdar — Maulvi
Shaukat Kaifi — Khanum Jaan
Umme Farwa — Callow Amiran
Dina Pathak — Husseini
Prema Narayan — Bismillah
Bharat Bhushan — Khan Saheb
Mukri — Parnan Aziz
Satish Shah — Daroga Dilawar

Media Info:
Release...DVD9 Untouched
Container...NTSC DVD
Size...7,85 GiB

Video Codec...MPEG — 2
Video Presentation...4:3 Full
Video Framing...720 x 480
Video Framerate...23,976

Audio Codec...AC3
Audio Bitrate...224 Kbps, 48KHz
Audio Channels...2
Audio Streams...1
Audio Languages...Hindi

Subtitle Included...Yes
Subtitle Languages...English
Subtitle Streams....1
Subtitle Container....VOB



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