Andaz 1949 Quality Hindi Prototypical 1CD DVDRip x264 AAC Figment Of The Imagination

Andaz 1949 Collector Hindi Paradigmatic 1CD DVDRip x264 AAC Phantom

Nina is the affluence and spoiled daughter of a affluence businessman. One day while horse-riding she loses hold sway over of her horse and is rescued by a unsophisticated man named Dilip. Dilip instantly takes a it b outrage to her and starts to often affect her outfit where he entertains her with his singing along with Nina«s cobber Sheela. Nina»s forefather dislikes this and tries to make out Nina clear that spending so much moment with Dilip is not diplomatic as Dilip could misjudge her amicability with him for darling. On the day of Sheela«s birthday dinner party, Dilip realizes he has fallen in darling with Nina and tries to tell her. However misfortune strikes when Nina»s forefather dies of a courage assail that same day and this leaves Nina devastated. Dilip comforts her and tries to give vent to his occur feelings for her but is shocked by the coming of Nina's fiancé Rajan who has returned from London. Dilip is shocked that Nina never mentioned that she was already employed and in darling with Rajan. Rajan and Nina after all get married and ...

This moving picture has some superhit songs of the 50s which is listed in the third circular.

Dilip Kumar — Dilip
Raj Kapoor — Rajan
Nargis — Nina
Murad — Nina's father
Cukoo — Sheila (Nina's best cobber)

Media Info:
Argot — Hindi
Video Codec — AVC
Video Container — MKV
Video Enormousness — 659 MB
Video Persistence — 640 x 480
Video Layout Standing — 25 fps
Video Bitrate — 654 Kbps
Audio Codec — AAC
Audio Channels — Mono
Audio Sampling Standing — 32000 Hz
Audio Bitrate — 128 Kbps
Moving Picture Duration — 2 Hours 20 mins



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