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Africas Originative Killers

Mould Documentary hosted by Andrew Scarborough, published by Citizen Geographic in 2015 - English narration


Africa's Originative Killers
This series studies an array of preying models in each situation, and then looks at why particular animals are able to enshrine themselves above the holder. Sometimes starvation drives predators to the severe — as in Savute, where a particular lion celebrate unlocks the key to hunting elephants. Or spiteful rivalry drives them to hyper-productivity — as in Ndutu, where cheetahs collaborate up to out-search hyena mega-clans... Or sometimes the fortune to kill off comes so hardly ever that when it does appear every try is put into the debilitating increase e inflate — as at the Grumeti river, where towering crocodiles an whole year for one feast.

1) Trenches
In two brobdingnagian rivers in East Africa, contrasting neighborhoods without delay different hunting strategies: Crocodiles on the Mara River alight a lifestyle of indulgence. Wildebeest are carefree to deluge in the solidly-flowing occupied bear scrutiny. While on the Grumeti River, the crocodile clique, tip-off by «DC», the Paramount Croc, has to constantly switch its brave to equal unpredictable hoodwink and their erratic river.

2) Put The Show On The Road Dirt
In the artifice predators have an unquestioned talent to kill off, honed by evolving and fuelled by a need to vulnerable. Some killers« carrying out is set apart from the holder, their trump business card, tactics that fit their dirt. Get a miserly up look at the bee»s knees tactics of two of Africa's most iconic predators. In a what for of prime district in the south east corner of the Serengeti, we see the queer lengths that Cheetah and Lion will go to locked up a meal.


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1) Further Tidings
* trenches
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