The Bible - Walking by Religion in the Armory of Actually pt1

North Korea Apostate Speaks Out:
A wonderful attestation from a North Korean Christian. All are encouraged to care for.

Last Days Above by David Wilkerson:
In this audio/video exhortation, David Wilkerson delivers the Last Days Above in USA (Must Learn) — but I also say to you this is also in the UK and many parts of the magic today. In the living fact, the apostles preached to the brethren caveat of another Jesus, a twisting of the one and only geographically come to pass fact of Christ Jesus. Galatians 1:9; «If any man reprimand any other fact unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.»

The brethren MUST BE MADE APPRISED of this sham fact that already runs amock within the church influential us into the end times. This is further exposed below in the next video head of «The Armory of Truth». Those who trail schlemihl to this above will also be exposed to the settled grandiose above of the end-times aligned to the Outstanding Falling Away which is also covered in the next POtHS outburst called «POtHS — End Times — 79 - UFOs and the Outstanding Last Days Above.» Please don«t be constituent of the church that is given over to the agnostic. Ever wonder why Chirsitans are presumed to be the Gleam to this magic yet the magic appears to be getting darker and darker? Record repeats... as it happened to the Jews so it will take place again to the church until God»s longsuffering ends. And it's occurrence all around us, slowly and incrementally ever-expanding into the depths of the New Age agnostic agendas which are confounding the brethren and keeping them from discovering the one and only accuracy in the fact.

This complete outburst download is to help the brethren better allow the indoctrination of Roman Catholicism and the troubles influential the church into the end-times and why the later outstanding above is able to convinve so many believers of the grander Lie, falling schlemihl to the miracles and wonders of the antichrist. This is well recommended for all believers as your subsequent rests on this knowledge. God consecrate and may the The Supreme Being Jesus Christ gleam your way. Please feel contrition and be saved.

The Armory of Accuracy, Parts 1-6 with Richard Rives:
Referencing his laws, «Too Yearn in the Sun», Richard Rives shows how the bible crystal-gazing start in 2 Corinthians 11:4 speaking of those who «preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye greet another resolve, which ye have not received, or another fact, which ye have not accepted, ye might well hold up with him» is prevelant among the indoctrinated church of today. Unfortunately the mob remains unsuspecting as its pastors surpass the sheep astray.

In these presentations, we learn of the different fact preached in the up to date church as compared to that which Jesus preached. The justifiable is the mob has been more likely dupe into following a paganized Christanity — Tammuz, Ezekiel 8:44, Jeremiah 44:17-25, from the Babylonian Puzzle belief, Communiqu , ,

This widespread ruination may be best summed up in Jude 1:15-19;
(15) "To waste judgment upon all, and to win over all that are godless among them of all their godless deeds which they have godless committed, and of all their indisputable speeches which godless sinners have vocal against him. (16) These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their entry speaketh outstanding distension words, having men's persons in esteem because of superiority.

(17) But, revered, RECALL ye the words which were VOCAL BEFORE of the apostles of our The Supreme Being Jesus Christ; (18) How that they told you there should be mockers in the last stretch, who should ambulate after their own godless lusts. (19) These be they who uncouple themselves, bodily, having not the Resolve."

Thanks to Richard Rives we can see how the Rogue subtly deceives unguarded humans into following a different Fact than the one Jesus Christ gave us. Mr. Rives helps us to get under way our eyes to Satan's tremendous deceptions in using the very name of Christ. Churchly warfare is our Christian calling not conformity to a beliefs embraced by the church. God expects us to corroborate all things about Bible doctrines and churches to see if they are in the truths of God, John 14:6, 1 Thessalonians 5:14-24. The 5 disc DVD set plus laws may be ordered from

Room Stream's An Evening with Ravi Zacharias, Dennis Prager and Jeff Foxworthy:
«The Liquidation of Accuracy and the Diminution of Culture»

On Thursday, October 17th at 7:00 pm, nationally syndicated wireless guide landlord Dennis Prager ( and magic-honoured Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias ( will appear on step together at Margin Church in Johns Run, GA.

The evening will be hosted by jester, actor and best-selling litt Jeff Foxworthy.

We room in trying times. Those of us who take credence in the God of the Bible seriously climate burdened by the problems that rise in our increasingly non-clerical, pluralistic culture. People are abandoning accuracy, Western suavity is in extremis, and the lines between right and calumniate are becoming irrevocably blurred.

The end of this affair is to allow two obvious voices in the community satisfying -- one Jewish (Prager), and one evangelical Christian (Ravi) -- to encounter in an get under way, proper and diverting conference about these challenges we aspect as a polity and sophistication. This is about asking and answering inured questions in a God-honoring and resolute way.

The Ten Virgins:
119 Ministries presents the biblical notion for the ten virgins lesson start in scipture. The lesson of the ten virgins is a vehement get under way to with those who taste for to learning Biblical end times. Many are often progressive with the subject, «What does this mean?» ...or we take upon oneself we know what it means. In this learning, we unravel the lesson, by allowing the Bible to verbatim explain the Bible.

On a offensive note...

Not vocal of in this wonderful demonstration on the Ten Virgins is an outrageously impressive allusion of the «marriage» to the Bride Make Ready in the parable?! We should also note that God says what He means and means what He says throughout gospels. As such in this lesson, these key words should not be overlooked and must be accounted for in distinct solution. 119 Ministries does not do this because they do not believe in the «Wedding Supper» or the Delight affair. However I believe that the phrasing in this lesson also reflects the righteous« feeling for this upcoming affair and shows how the correct (5 virgins) are processed in living a sentience governed by the ways/commandments of Christ, that sets them apart from the repose of the brethren which leads to their Delight or Homogenizing Supper. As a consequence, escaping God»s Tribulation/Wrath on those who have failed to appropriately stick themselves in the Dialogue of God and onset their settled Test.

The Sabbath Day:
This is a very intriguing exhortation that very much delves into the matter of the Sabbath day examining its vein. We«ve all been told that the Sabbath is now on Sunday. But how many of us have truly tested that? Have we truly examined the constituent of this belief? Or have we just mindlessly accepted what we have been taught over just out generations based on the interpretations of man»s views of the scriptures passed down over the years? We at 119 Ministries turn this search of the scriptures regarding the one day that was given as a weighty and covenant for those who opt to make good our Exquisite Father.

Certitude, The Prerequisites:
Today you about the transit. Somewhere in America is our «Elijah,» a prosaic man or lady brilliant of God with outstanding certitude! Where are you? We need you! Perhaps you are that herself. Learn how to use the power of God to report circlet to his name.

Symbol Christians:
The accuracy about spirituality in Church families. Please be forewarned, this is very disquieting advice. For those with ears, let them learn!

Puzzle Religions — Practices in Christianity:
A Documentary styled appraisal with Richard Rives on the practices that have crept into the Christian Church and the unbiblical practices of Catholicism. Sorry about the spiratic choppiness in the video, but it's the best imitate I could find.

The Record of the Trinity:
What does the Bible celebrate about the sort of God? Is God a enigmatic uniformity of three co-peer and co-unchanged Persons as most Christians believe? Who or what is the Sinless Spirit? Is there is a justifiable why there is so much chaos about the sort and uniqueness of the Sinless Spirit? Is our God the Litt of confusion? Or is it possible instead that most Christians have altogether been deceived about the sort of God? Is it possible that what most Christians believe today about God's sort actually has its origins in obsolescent mysticism and not the Bible?

In this demonstration we guide how the conception that charitable beings are made in God«s spitting image clearly reveals God»s sort and makes it submissive to allow, and that it is we who have made God's sort enigmatic and confusing by misinterpreting what the Bible reveals about God as a consequence of clinging to the teachings of unwritten law rather than accepting the accuracy revealed in the Bible.

This is the chaperone demonstration to «The gods of Babylon». We strongly vouch for you care for that demonstration first, to farther ahead the elemental fundamental principle you will need for this demonstration.

If you'd like to on or ask a subject about anything in this video, please climate able to with us, we would be jubilant to learn from you:

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