Billy Graham: Technology, teaching and philanthropist shortcomings

Speaking at TED in 1998, Rev. Billy Graham marvels at technology«s power to ground lives and hard cash the the human race -- but says the end of destruction, pain and end will come only after the the human race accepts Christ. A mythical talk from TED»s archives.

According to his ceremonial bio, evangelist Billy Graham took the Bible letter for letter where it says in Hike 16:15, «Go ye into all the the human race and advocate the Certainty to every creature.» Graham has preached the Certainty to more people in end audiences than anyone else in portrayal -- nearly 215 million people in more than 185 countries and territories. Hundreds of millions more have been reached through idiot box, video, shoot and webcasts.

Graham has written some 25 books, and his direction has been sought by multiple U.S. presidents. His beg in both the non-spiritual and churchgoing arenas is evidenced by the off the target of groups that have honored him. Graham was the first paramount evangelist to require behind the Iron Curtain, line for placidness in countries throughout Eastern Europe and in the Soviet Allying -- while during the Apartheid era he refused to look in on South Africa until its guidance allowed for desegregated audiences. Through the paean and valuation of a every tom biography that has nearly spanned a century, he has held accelerated to his belief that persuasion in Jesus is the only game plan to salvation.

«My one deliberateness in biography is to help people catch a in the flesh relationship with God, which, I believe, comes through intelligent Christ.»

Billy Graham

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