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Canada Over the Sidle Flavour 2

Excursion Documentary hosted by Thom Kikot, published by Arcadia Performance in 2013 - English narration — 2-Cover.jpg


Take to the skies for a breathtaking expectation of British Columbia«s spectacular coastline. From the stony shores of Vancouver Isle to the sediment-laden trap of the Fraser, over ageing rainforests and waterways carved by glaciers, to the unusual attraction of Bella Coola and Haida Gwaii, this 13-limited share in series explores our province»s unexceptional wonders from a on occasions seen position. Along the way, we stop wilderness reserves, play areas, cities, seaside towns and isle communities, and observation the civilization and report etched in the contours of the Pacific coastline.

1) Canadas Southern Borders
From the waters of Juan de Fuca Pretty to Fjord Islands Jingoistic Estate Hoard, the southern coastline of Vancouver Isle is a bountiful palette of unthinkable sea individual and unexceptional attraction.

2) Vancouver Islands Eastern Coastline
The eastern coastline of Vancouver Isle is a 200 km voyage along one of Canada's most spectacular waterways, bursting with individual on soil and sea.

3) Vancouver Isle North
From pretty Telegraph Cove, around Stole Scott Uncultivated Estate and beyond — the northern coastline of Vancouver Isle is one of the world's last celebrated wilderness frontiers.

4) Vancouver Isle Western Shore
The western coastline of Vancouver Isle is a aggregation of pretty towns, parks and coastal rainforest together in the dialect birth b deliver.

5) Stoop Mainland
Heading southwest from the Fraser Gorge, we coastline over to BC's Stoop Mainland — a mix of unusual mountain ranges, spectacular diocese-scapes and miscellaneous nautical individual.

6) Sea to Sky
From the diocese of Vancouver to dialect birth b deliver distinguished Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, the Sea to Sky hall is one of the west coast's most iconic landscapes.

7) Sunshine Coastline
Heading northwest from the ferry coupler at Horseshoe Bay, the Sunshine Coastline is an unthinkable voyage featuring dialect birth b deliver distinguished mountain ranges, forest landscapes and iconic towns and settlements.

8) End of the Method
British Columbia's coastal adventures truly upon where the method ends — north of Powell River — as we research offshore islands, inland volcanoes, and forgotten Dialect Birth B Deliver War II excuse fortifications.

9) Beyond the Sunshine Coastline
BC's inland waterways are a unusual wonder — from Knight Inlet and Klinaklini glacier to Rivers Inlet and the rainforests circumjacent Denny Isle.

10) British Columbias North Coastline
From Bella Coola to Prince Rupert, this aerial voyage encounters some of British Columbia's most unusual settlements and sublime inland mountain ranges.

11) British Columbia Meets Alaska
Take an epic, excited-altitude voyage from Seven Sisters Uncultivated Estate to Salmon Glacier and the mountains of the Yellowhead highway.

12) Haida Gwaii North
From the the dialect birth b deliver legends of Naikoon Uncultivated Estate to bountiful sea lion colonies and unusual lighthouses, Haida Gwaii«s northern coastlines are truly one of the world»s most unusual and unthinkable landscapes.

13) Haida Gwaii South
Haida Gwaii's southern coastlines are a proves meditate on in unusual, unproductive attraction — a cultural and geological lifetime told through the sublime light of Gwaii Haanas Jingoistic Estate Hoard.


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