Jennifer Lopez achievement. Pitbull - Unfledged Out The Oven (2nafish)

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«Fresh Out the Oven» is a commotion performed by American R&B chorus girl Jennifer Lopez, featuring additional vocals from American rapper Pitbull. In October 2009, People publication reported that the commotion is just a promotional/buzz distinct and that it will not appear on Lopez's open seventh studio album titled Love?. However, in November and December 2009, MTV and Rap-Up publication reported that unlucky to earlier reports, the commotion will be included on the album.

The commotion is officially titled «Fresh Out the Oven — Starring Jennifer Lopez as Lola and featuring Pitbull» but this has been shortened to «Fresh Out the Oven — Lola featuring Pitbull» which is how it appears on the charts.

On September 13, 2009, on the red carpet for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Miami-based rapper Pitbull revealed that he recorded a trail with Lopez and that it will be released as the first distinct from her upcoming album. He also said that a music video for the commotion has already been snapshot, he described the video as having a captivating Eyes Inclusive Turn Off point. The commotion, initially confirmed as «Lola», was produced by The Neptunes. It was later revealed that the commotion is actually called «Fresh Out The Oven». People Publication later reported that, «Fresh Out the Oven», is just a murmur trail, not the first distinct, and that it will not appear on the new album.

Rumors had surfaced that that Lopez had adopted «Lola», as her change-ego, however, this was confirmed as manufactured by president of Epic Records, Amanda Ghost. She said «It«s something fun. She hasn»t become Sasha Feral (Beyoncé«s artistic change ego). There won»t be anything to do with Lola on her Love? album». «This is a hot baste recording that the classification loved and Jennifer considering was fun, Jennifer and Pitbull got together and the recording leaked. Lola is a fun type just for this song». On November 5, 2009, MTV gave a sidle culminate of the music video and reported that unlucky to earlier reports the commotion will be included on the album.

In October 2009, a slews of viral websites have been set up to move up the commotion, all under the name of Who is Lola, the websites cover, a MySpace bellhop, and a Flutter account. They all plaice a dancing female sketch named Lola. Lopez was in gate at the LIV Nightclub in Miami on October 24, 2009, where the music video for «Fresh Out the Oven» was previewed with accredited remix by Hex Hector also being previewed. It was also reported that the movie duo and DJs the Spring Smokers had produced an accredited remix which was also hypothetical to be previewed but for undisclosed reasons it was shelved.

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