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The myths of globalisation have been incorporated into much of our diurnal diction. «Thinking globally» and «the epidemic economy» are to all intents of a argot that assumes we are all to all intents of one big epidemic village, where patriotic borders and patriotic identities no longer context. But what is globalisation? And where is this epidemic village?

Pilger explains just how The People Bank, The People Movement Constitution, and other globalist global organizations in correctness are knowingly telling into second-rate countries, donation stupendous low diversion loans to ?develop their societies;? loans the banks know those countries cannot ever repay; to faithfully indenture these nations then driving the living standards down to appalling new levels, while the multinational corporations take in inelegant profits. Indonesia is cited as an example in some bowels of the earth, where evil military dictatorships working agency in agency with the globalize institutions massacred 1 million people while the globalists looked on approvingly and an organized mainstream media blackout ensured no outside communal prevail upon could ever materialize.

In some respects you are already living in it. The clothes in your limited collect were probably stitched together in the factories of Asia. Much of the viands in your limited supermarket will have been grown in Africa. It's easier than ever to buy music from Mali, look over novels from Colombia and regard films from Iran. The people is shrinking.

In 2001, John Pilger made «The New Rulers of the World», a dim exploring the change of globalisation. It took Indonesia as the prime example, a woods that the People Bank described as a «model pupil» until its «globalised» control collapsed in 1998.

Globalisation has not only made the people smaller. It has also made it interdependent. An investment settlement made in London can charm unemployment for thousands in Indonesia, while a problem settlement taken in Tokyo can sire thousands of new jobs for workers in north-east England.

This might seem a very unpremeditated increment if you actual in a woods like Britain, with its lengthy global representation as a trading country and grand power. Bringing the people closer together may dismay up new opportunities for cultural and profitable interaction, but it also exposes us to the adversarial aspects of existence on a shrinking planet, whether it be the menace of epidemic warming, the global movement in women for progenitive exploitation or the spread of AIDS throughout Africa and Asia.

More and more people across the people are acknowledging the threats posed by globalisation. This has given make good to the Epidemic Equity Swing, with its ordered common forums, which are a new, lively be made up of of reliable internationalism.

The protestors come from many different countries and many different backgrounds, but they are common by one aim: to secure that globalisation works in the interests of all the world's people, not just a in luck few.

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